Cheater Ora

Not many people seem to believe Rita Ora’s claim that her Twitter account was hacked this week. It’s understandable that people are cynical – Ian Botham’s cock and balls put the final nail in that excuse’s coffin – but we almost actually believe Rita. And this is why…

Earlier this week Rita Ora appeared to set her Twitter followers a challenge. If she could get 100,000 retweets, she would release a brand new song. Exactly what you’d think her four million followers would want, right? Erm, apparently not. The tweet limped out onto the internet and only mustered up about 2,000 retweets before someone decided to put it out of its misery and delete it.

Then came the standard issue excuse for an embarrassing tweet. “Ignore that!” she cried. “I was hacked! That was the work of hackers!”

The internet rolled its eyes at this, but on this occasion it would actually make some sense that this was the work of a hacker. You see, Ora doesn’t have much in the way of new tracks.

As you may have heard, Rita split up this summer from her super-producer boyfriend Calvin Harris. When he left, he took the songs he produced for her album with him. Had they broken up under less acrimonious circumstances, things might have been fine – he may have let her keep a couple of bangers back – but Rita’s only got herself to blame for the bad blood.

You see, while the two of them were out in LA together, she had told Calvin that she had to fly back to London to take care of some urgent filming. Calvin waved her off to the airport, but as soon as the car was out of sight, Rita told her driver that there had been a change of plan. She had him drop her off at a hotel on the other side of LA, where she shacked up with a mystery man for a couple of days. Then, when her business was concluded, she called her driver to come and pick her up and take her back to Calvin’s.

And how did Calvin find out about her little indiscretion? Because the driver Rita had used was Calvin’s personal chauffeur.

Which brings us back to the tweet. Calvin worked on all but two of the tracks on Rita’s forthcoming album. Her people might be anxious to put across in interviews that everything’s fine, rhar she’s working with people like, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – but there’s no release date coming up for any new material.

Surely someone who has famously lost most of the tracks on her new album wouldn’t be so attention-seeking as to hype a new track without an actual album to promote, would they? So yes, Rita, we’re with you on this one. Hacking seems like the only plausible explanation.