Why’d you wanna go and put stars in their eyes? No. 2: Olivia Lee

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It’s the next installment of ‘Bet you didn’t know they were in this’ Mondays, our ongoing feature that delves into movieland to uncover the roles you thought you’d never see.  This week it’s Olivia Lee.  She’s the one who thrusts dildoes into celebrities’ faces.  On Balls of Steel anyway, where she interviewed unsuspecting celebrities while a rubber penis floated vicariously in the place of a microphone.  Ho ho ho, there’s a dick underneath that man’s face, har har hum hee hee.

She’s quite naughty, rather attractive and a bit hilarious – you could almost say she was dirty, sexy and funny.  Which is why her new show’s called Dirty Sexy Funny. It fulfills its promise, and it’s worth a watch – but that’s not why we’re here is it folks?

This is why:

Uh oh, Dolph’s holding a gun and staring at something or someone, probably one of the criminals who kidnapped Olivia Lee and killed Lundgren’s wife and daughter.  Either way, Dolph’s in a strop, and he’s on a mission for revenge.

So where does Olivia Lee come in?  Well she plays a wealthy Russian businesswoman’s daughter who is kidnapped and forced into the sex trade.  It’s a complete departure from waving knobs around and shouting rude words, and we wonder why she went for it – it wasn’t exactly a blockbuster (although it was quite good).  Still, if she hadn’t done it, you wouldn’t be able to watch it, and you wouldn’t want that now would you?

Strange casting quotient: 8 out of 10 (Not quite the career path we thought she’d take)

Here’s a taster:


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