Why’d you wanna go and put stars in their eyes? No. 15: Alfonso Ribeiro

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Who?  Maybe this’ll mean more to you:


Yes it’s Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Now, this week on ‘bet you didn’t know they were in this Mondays’, we’ve gone for something slightly different.  Not to worry, we still bet that you didn’t know that he was in this, it’s just it’s from an older film.  It’s not a ‘before he was famous’ (because we said we wouldn’t do that) – it’s more of a ‘during the time when fame was fast approaching’, plus, it’s so good that you need this in your life.  And also the film in question is on telly this week.

Which film?

This one:



Ticks is about mutant ticks that eat people, as can be seen by the ‘make-sure-you-look-really-scared-because-these-ticks-are-going-to-eat-you-whatever-you-do-don’t-make-it-look-like-you-think-you-might-have-left-the-oven-on’ style cover.  These ticks attack a group of teenagers on a camping trip, one of which is Carlton Banks Alfonso Ribeiro, playing a bloody well hard gangster/street youth/entirely unconvincing character if you’ve seen even 2 seconds of Fresh Prince – which is why it’s so good.  Look how hard he looks:



The two best bits are his introduction (woah, thought it was Wesley Snipes there for a moment) and his unfortunate demise by way of a giant Tick bursting out from inside of him – that’s what you get for taking steroids when there’s a mutant insect living inside your stomach.  The rest of the film is also worth watching, if not just to see ticks going in and out of helpless people’s bodies or Clint Howard with a tick coming out of his head – what a tick-head.

Overall, it’s one of our favourite mutant monster flicks – it’s got loads of icky special effects, Carlton Banks and-whatting, Mickey Dolenz’s daughter and also an early appearance from Seth Green.  If you want to check it out, tune into the Horror Channel this Thursday (12th) at 22.55 for your fix of giant, pulsating, oozing Tick action.  Here’s a Tick-tastic trailer:



Strange Casting Quotient: 10/10 – It’s the complete opposite of everything and anything associated with Carlton Banks

P.s – If you replace the ‘t’ in ‘ticks’ with a ‘d’, the above article becomes a lot funnier.

Also, watch the trailer again with the same thing in mind – it becomes at least 3 times better.


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