The fainting goat kittens are no more

The Incredible Fainting Goat Kittens we featured last week have died. Their owner tells us what happened with heart-breakingly cute video.

Last week we posted a video of two super-cute kittens, Spike and Charlie. They suffered from Myotonia Congenita – aka fainting goat syndrome. Any sound or quick movement could send the little mites into a faint, or state of paralysis, for about a minute. It’s an incredibly rare thing found in cats and, sadly, it proved to be too much for these kittens. Spike and Charlie died.

Spike died of respiratory failure last week, and then this weekend, Charlie succumbed too. They were only 16 weeks old. Since we found out about them last week, the Incredible Fainting Goat Kittens have been viewed two million times on YouTube (no 13 in the most viewed videos), become famous all around the world and touched the hearts of so many people.

This is their story, as told to us by their owner, Ed. Play this song when you read it and watch the videos, as it’s the one that Spike and Charlie’s owners have dedicated to them. And try not to cry.

Chicken Shack – I’d Rather Go Blind

“We got Charlie when he was eight weeks old, but we realised quite quickly he was having a lot of trouble staying on his feet. It just didn’t look right. The vet didn’t seem to know what was wrong but suggested we take him to the Royal Veterinary College. We went back to the pet shop, and they told us that Charlie’s brother had been returned, and was going to be put down. So we took him home and named him Spike. The Royal Veterinary College eventually tested them for Myotonia Congenita. And the test came back positive.”

(Their defect meant that neither cat could walk much without a lot of help. They also needed to be held up to be fed or use the litter tray, but Spike was a little tough guy, he liked trying to walk around. Charlie less so, he was more sensitive.)

The RVC wanted to try some experimental drug treatment on the cats to try and help them out but they were just too small. Ed and his girlfriend Becky were trying to help the little fellas through these early weeks so they would be strong enough to try treatment. Sadly, the fits, or faints, were too strong for their little bodies to take.

“Charlie died in my arms on Saturday”, a devastated Ed told us.


The original video:

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