Films we’re looking forward to in 2011 (Part 1)

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The Beaver

Mel Gibson’s triumphant return to acting after his disastrous stint as an internet voice-over artist.  It’s directed by Jodie Foster and follows a depressed bloke who decides to start living his life through a beaver hand puppet.  Maybe Mel should’ve taken a leaf out of his character’s book and blamed the phone-calls on a make-believe animal.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  Here’s the trailer:


World Invasion: Battle LA

If you’ve seen Skyline then it’s quite possible that you’ll have seen this one – the makers are trying to sue Skyline’s directors, accusing them of nicking their idea.  It’s a good job they didn’t nick the terrible title too…


Piranha 3DD

We rather enjoyed the first Piranha 3D, especially the bit where a fish pukes out a severed penis.  So if there’s more of that in the sequel (we’re sure there will be) then we’ll be happy.  Unfortunately, there’s no trailer yet, but if you go to, watch one of the videos and imagine there are piranhas in it, you’ll be halfway there.

Real Steel

This one stars Hugh Jackman, an actor who’d never be involved in anything ludicrous.  Oh wait, didn’t he play that guy with knives in his hands or something?  Oh that explains why he’s in a film about boxing robots.  Yeah, Real Steel is about boxing robots.


The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence

We all know how much everyone loved the first Human Centipede.  But was that because it was 100% medically accurate?  If so, the director’s admission that this sequel will be 100% medically INaccurate might piss off a few doctors.


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