Yet another list of weird upcoming films

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You might have noticed in our newsletter the other week that we mentioned three of our favourite upcoming movie titles – Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Gladiators vs. Werewolves and Nude Nuns With Big Guns. Well, we thought we’d uncover a load more forthcoming films that sound fantastic.

‘Sound’ not to be confused with ‘look’.

Here they are:


First up we’ve got Dinoshark, about a DinoShark.  We assume it’ll eat people too.


Yeah, it eats people too.


Norwegian Ninja

It’s about a ninja.  Probably from Japan.


Actually no probably Norway.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It’s a film about Abraham Lincoln.

(This is actually a trailer for the book on which the film is based)


Only he hunts vampires in it.


Karate-Robo Zaborgar

It’s about a Karate-Robo.



Bobby Yeah

No idea what this is about.


Still clueless.

The Troll Hunter

It’s about a hunter of some sort.  We guess he hunts deers or something.


No, trolls.


Monster Brawl

It’s about monsters.

Oh and they’re fighting.


Whilst we ‘researched’ this article, we found a preposterous abundance of forthcoming ‘vs’ titles (much like Gladiators vs. Werewolves).  So many we thought they deserved their own post – so stay tuned for a further heap of weird movie titles coming your way…

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