Eurovision: Five Of The Best (pt.1)

We look at some of the favourites in this year's contest and toss in our two cents.


The Eurovision this year has some of the best songs that the competition has seen in a long while but, as we all know, a good song doesn’t necessarily equate to a good placing on the final scoreboard. So we’ve taken a look at some of the favourites that and seen how they’ve compared with winners and losers of the past ten years to see if the bookies have got their odds right…


Denmark – Rather like Katrina And The Waves’ “Love Shine A Light” this is the people-of-the-world-let’s-feel-good anthem. However, the 21st Century Eurovision is a distinctly darker beast, with most of the winning entrants playing in minor keys and most of the losing entries taking on this bright, chirpy attitude.

A Friend In London – New Tomorrow


Norway – Seems to be popular, but the carnival stylings of this entry seem to be more in keeping with decent World Cup anthems than Eurovision winners. The Scandinavian countries are always good to their own, so it won’t be left out to dry, but it really could not be any more stylistically different to the sorts of songs that have fared well in the last decade or so (though, admittedly, Tanel Padar and Dave Benton won in 2001 with this)

Stella Mwangi – Haba Haba


Germany – Lena’s back to defend her title (a move which is practically unheard of – though this does seem to be a year of it) and is doing so with a rather moody story-led song. While the minor key is good, her position in the night will likely be critical as it could be exactly the sort of slow moving song that affords people the chance to have a nap if they’re starting to flag.

Lena – Taken By A Stranger


France – A surprisingly popular choice, this will do well with the jury – but France have had history of entering genuinely brilliant and well-crafted songs to large indifference. They do tend to sing in French (or, in this case, Corsican) which could be a problem as generally it’s English that wins – but maybe he’ll appeal to the Russell Watson fans of Europe.

Amaury Vassili – Sognu


Italy – If France are entering their Russell Watson, then Italy are entering their Jamie Cullum. Again, a well-crafted and musically accomplished entry, but that counts for very little when put to the public. If the last decade is anything to go by, swing and jazz have not done well – but then Italy have been out of Eurovision circulation since 1997 so maybe that’s why they didn’t realise.

Raphael Gualazzi -Madness Of Love


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