Why the long face? Popbitch’s Superinjunction finally revealed!

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This is Superinjunction. As you will no doubt have guessed by now, she is a horse not a dull legal document that we aren’t allowed to mention.

Superinjunction is a two-year old girl horse. She is just about to start her career as a racehorse.

We are inviting 200 readers to join us in Popbitch Racing Club as owners of Superinjunction.

* Perks will include tickets to see her race, a chance to saunter around the paddock and the owners and trainers posh bits like a nob

* Trip to see Superinjunction at home – feed her carrots, watch her stand around etc

* Meet your fellow owners at drinks parties

* Share in the prize money she is bound to win us (* disclaimer, there might not be any)

* Weekly update on the horse and what she’s been up to, plus some racing news and betting tips exclusively for members of the Popbitch Racing Club

* Signed photograph of Superinjunction


* Joining Fee  – £100. For that you get to be a racehorse owner!


Please register your interest by emailing us your details at superinjunctionthehorse@gmail.com

We went to meet Superinjunction recently: this is her practicing to be a racehorse (or “on the gallops” in proper racing parlance)

(Superinjunction is the one in the foreground, ridden by Derby-winning jockey Martin Dwyer, no less. We’re told that the fact that her head is down shows that she is a serious racer.)

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