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"I never would have considered 
a superinjunction" -  Peter Andre
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* Popbitch injunction partially lifted
* Chris Huhne's speed camera history
* Charts: Pitbull & co are still number one

       >> Enough horsing around <<
       Real superinjunction revealed

    A couple of weeks ago we told you we 
    could reveal we had a superinjunction - 
    and then introduced you to our new 
    racehorse, Superinjunction. What we didn't 
    know then is that we would be able to tell
    you so soon after that we have been
    the subject of a REAL superinjunction, 
    since January 2009.

    We had a story about Chris Hutcheson, then 
    CEO of Ramsey restaurants and the father of 
    Gordon's wife Tana, from a confidential
    source. Even though we had not named him,
    Hutcheson took out an injunction against us,
    the terms of which were so severe we 
    couldn't even tell you, or anyone, that
    there was an injunction against us. We were,
    until today, just WER v REW.

    As you may have seen from the tabloids this 
    week, this injunction is now partially 
    lifted. Weirdly, even though the whole
    story seems to be out there, Hutcheson is
    still appealing to try and make sure the
    injunction against us (which doesn't cover
    anything that hasn't already been 
    published by others) is upheld.

    However, we can tell you that this story
    appeared in today's Daily Mail: "In a 
    court judgment made public last night, Mr 
    Hutcheson, 62, was described as a 'serial
    paterfamilias' –  meaning he is the head of
    more than one family... The chef discovered 
    in early 2009 that Tana had a grown-up
    half-brother and half-sister from the 
    adultery of her father, Chris Hutcheson. 
    But Ramsey only revealed the truth about
    his father-in-law and long-term business 
    partner to his wife in November last year."

FYI: You can read more of the story here:

p.s. Last few spaces in the Popbitch Racing Club,
email superinjunctionthehorse@gmail.com, 
we'll get back to you on Tuesday with info.

        >> A fast buck <<
        Huhne's speed camera history

    Chris Huhne's political career is at 
    risk thanks to his ex-wife's claim 
    that he made her say she, rather than
    he, was at the wheel when his car 
    was caught by a speed camera.
    Which is funny, really, when you 
    think how Huhne's businessman father
    made the family fortune. He 
    sold speed cameras to the Government.

Chris Huhne's mother, Ann Murray, was the voice
of the speaking clock.

        >> All rise <<
        Juries verdict on Blue

    David Amess MP was obviously so 
    worked up about it that he told 
    parliament this week. "The winner of the
    Eurovision song contest, Azerbaijan, was a
    lot of rubbish. I think that Blue had 
    the best record". 

    He won't be the only one. The split of 
    votes between what juries liked and what 
    people voted for have been released. On 
    votes cast, Blue would have been fifth. 
    However the juries didn't enjoy it so
    much and placed them a shocking 22nd, 
    giving the UK a final position of 11th.

    It's a real shame, because it's not a
    glamorous life for those acts who finish
    midboard at the Eurovision. Take a look
    at Paul Hardy (aka Paul Phoenix) from
    Love City Groove who came 10th in 1995.
    He's the sole member of the group still
    working in the music industry. As an
    Elvis impersonator in East Anglia.

Good old Jedward - Eurovision Song Contest had 
the highest audience share for 15-24 years of any 
programme on any channel in Ireland since 2002.

        >> Yoda v Danny <<
        More Star Wars v Withnail and I  
    The Star Wars v Withnail and I video,
    where Richard E Grant's dialogue is 
    given to C3P0, was one of the most 
    popular links we've ever had. So we
    are delighted that raffjones sent us
    his newest creation: Yoda v Danny.
    The little muppet gets to do the 
    Camberwell carrot speech. Brilliant:

FYI: If anyone missed the earlier one:

Owning a dog may soon be against the law in Iran. 
Parliament is about to debate as to whether
having a dog is un-Islamic. 

        >> Big Questions <<
        What people want to know this week

    Which pop star, who is on tour this 
    summer, should be a little careful 
    that he doesn't get outed,
    footballer-style, for his extra-marital 

Win a pair of Glastonbury tickets and download 
the official festival app from Orange:

        >> Oh Danny boy <<
        More about Cipriani down under

    Melbourne Rebels say they ditched Danny 
    Cipriani from a forthcoming tour because
    they'd "lost confidence" in him, thanks to
    his off-field behaviour. While entirely
    plausible (Cipriani does seem to enjoy 
    frequenting the local boozers) there
    may be a little more to it. A source down 
    under says Cipriani had a bonus clause in
    his contract, and a few more games would 
    have seen them liable for a six-figure sum. 
    Which may, or may not, have helped the 
    club make their decision.

Spotted singing along enthusiastically to Rush
at the O2 last night: Adrian Chiles.

        >> Supper Injunction <<
        Dale's dinner demands

    Often when you hire a celebrity to make
    a public appearance, they will make certain
    demands. These can verge from the very
    simple (all Princess Anne asks for is a can
    of full-fat Coke) to the utterly ridiculous 
    (Mariah Carey once insisted her dressing  
    room be filled with puppies).

    Some, however, just sound a bit sad.
    When Dale Winton was signed to do
    a corporate event, it was made clear
    to the organisers that Dale did not
    care to dine in view of the public.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn had seven cell phones.

        >> Andy un-capped <<
        Carroll needed for legal dispute

    It was announced this week that Jack 
    Wilshere and Andy Carroll would miss
    the England U21 tournament this 
    summer through tiredness/injury.
    That may well be true for Wilshere,
    but Carroll has an even more pressing 
    reason to stay in the UK. The bitter
    fight between his ex-agent and current 
    agent goes up in front of the beak 
    in June and Carroll has to be around to 
    give evidence.    

Whatever happened to Phoebe from Friends?
She's hosting this year's Webby awards. Not 
quite Aniston-level of fame, but it's a job...

       >> Open up <<
       Ryan supports Hope not Hate

    The Hope not Hate campaign, "celebrating 
    Britain's diverse society", distributed 
    leaflets in BNP areas ahead of the recent
    local elections. In the leaflets was a 
    quote from one of the campaign's
    supporters, Ryan Giggs.

    "It's really important to speak up and
    get it out in the open".

    Wise words.

One of the Wild Beasts was seen wandering 
around Wiltons Music Hall with a laptop,
giving a Skype tour to his Mum.

        >> Out in the Cole'd <<
        Cheryl's US adventure cut short

    Unfortunate timing for poor Cheryl Cole.
    Sacked from the US X Factor a week after
    they went public with the UK judging panel
    - she now finds herself without a job on
    either show. Unless she can find someone
    who'll swap with her?

    Her best bet is Kelly Rowland. She has been
    known to turn up to things just to be
    seen, and then leave. In fact, she holds
    the Popbitch record for least time spent
    at a party.

    Back in 2008, Kelly turned up to a roller
    disco organised by Nokia. She walked in
    the front door, posed for all the 
    photographers, powered straight through
    the room and out to the back door where
    she was picked up by the same car that 
    dropped her off out front.

So Cheryl Cole hasn't exactly been a thumping 
success. Makes a change. Boom-Boom.

       >> Plus ca change... <<
       Lawyers never-ending web battle

   Schillings attempt to take on Twitter is 
   the latest battle in their decade-long war
   to control the internet. This is a quote 
   from the very first letter we ever got 
   from them, back in December 2000.

   "Remove all current messages and close your
   messageboard until such time as you have put
   into place a FOOLPROOF SYSTEM and never 
   permit the re-occurence of these allegations."

   If we're still here, we're pretty sure that
   Twitter can hold its own.

The silhouette was named after Etienne de 
Silhouette, Louis XV's Finance Minister who
imposed huge taxes to pay for the Seven Years 
War. His name became synonymous with cutting 
costs, e.g. cheap outline portraits.

        >> Things that make you go hmmm <<
        Muppets, juggling otter and an ostrich
    Clive Anderson has written a good piece
    on injunctions and privacy:  

    Every goal Spurs scored last season
    in order (and no, it's not that long a video):

    You've got Monday off, so why not head
    to Scandalism at Paradise By Way Of
    Kensal Green on Sunday? La Roux's doing
    a set along with a few others and we've got
    tickets to give away. Just tell us which TV
    programme Elly Jackson's mum was most
    famously in. Email 
    Details here: http://bit.ly/mcIw2N 

    Finally a card that doesn’t have fuck, 
    wank, bollocks, cock or tosser on.

    Muppets, back!

    The amazing juggling otter:

    Not a subtle way to sleep at
    your desk, but a comfy one:

    Story of Fox News:

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