The Irrawaddy Dolphin

Come for the silly name, stay for its uncanny resemblance to a penis...


While looking up dolphins yesterday, we noticed in amongst the odd names of the salt-water species (alongside the Melon-Headed Whale, the Dusky dolphin and the Pygmy Killer Whale) one called the Irrawaddy Dolphin.

It made us laugh, but if the name alone has failed to bring a smile to your face, maybe the fact that it looks like an oily penis will?

If you’re struggling to see it, try placing your finger over the eye. Got it? Good…

Once you’re happy with the fact its face looks like a bit like a bell-end, take a little look at that face in its natural context.

Kind of phallic, no?

Well, just you wait until you see it spray a thick jet of water out of its gob…

Ah, nature. Nothing quite like it.


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