Pets With Newt

Pets With Newt Gingrich - but where the hell are the otters?

Newt Gingrich

Nominative determinism has hit American politics at a national level. Newt Gingrich is such a huge animal lover that his latest thing is to get the pets of America to shore up his faltering presidential nomination campaign, check out

Alongside pictures of bug-eyed Republican pooches, The Pets With Newt 2012 site also features a comprehensive run-down of Newt’s favourite zoos of the almost 100 that he has visited (San Diego and Omaha are ones he particularly recommends). And before you think this is just another campaign trick, Newt’s obsession with animals dates back to the 1950s. Someone unearthed a press cutting from the Daily Boston Globe, 1954, which described the attempts of an 11 year-old Newton Gingrich to open his own zoo in a city park. Yet Newt will be dismayed to learn this is not enough to get the Popbitch endorsement. 55 years of dedication to animals and we haven’t managed to find one photograph of Newt with an otter. Come on, man – pull your finger out.

25 Photos of Newt with animals


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