Heather Mills

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       Can someone take on Morgan properly

   As Private Eye said of the phone hacking
   intervention by Louise Mensch, "to grant
   Piers Morgan the moral high-ground in any
   argument is quite a spectacular achievement".
   Still, BBC's Newsnight obviously decided
   to go one better, using the recollections
   of Heather Mills, who:

   * was described by the judge in her divorce
   hearing as "not just inconsistent and
   inaccurate but also less than candid" and a
   "less than impressive witness".

   * claimed she called off an engagement
   because her fiance was gay, an M16 agent
   and that his mission was to undermine her
   anti-landmine work 

   * was told by her first ex husband he
   "couldn't marry her until she did
   something about her compulsive lying".

   * won an Outstanding Young Person of the
   Year award from the British Chambers of
   Commerce. The award doesn't exist. 

   * wrote that the owner of a jewellery
   shop in Clapham gave her a job on Saturdays,
   but he said "Everything she wrote about me
   was lies, I never gave her a job; she just
   hung around and made tea. She told me
   her father was dead."

   * said she gave as much as 80% or 90% of
   her earnings direct to charities. Her
   tax returns "disclose no charitable giving".


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