Eurovision Round-Up – 1st March

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*update* record company rumour going around that UK has 75 year old Engelbert Humperdinck singing a James Morrison track….


* Scandal!

The announced winner in Minsk turns out not to have been anywhere near top in the voting – how odd for Belarus. Someone did notice – and the new winners are smiley Tron wannabes Litesound:

* Hurrah!

Austria chose our old friends Trackshittaz

* Surprise!

Ukraine have entered their first Afro-Ukrainian celebrity, Gaytana.


(Don’t worry, it’s not that much of a departure. In true Ukranian celeb style, she’s still dressed like a hooker)

FYI: The only black Eurovision winner so far has been Dave Benton, originally from Aruba, but settled in Estonia, for whom he won the contest with Tanel Padar in 2001


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