Popbitch Meets Danny Dyer: Part 2

In which Danny tackles ABBA, Oasis and Kate Bush (and says "fuck" loads...)


It’s the second part of our exclusive Danny Dyer interview! Here we switch the questions away from films, and onto music:



Sexy Will Young: I know you were scheduled to DJ in Reading the other night – did that happen?

Danny Dyer: Yeah it did, what a fucking crowd.  They were great, well up for it – I was a bit ill but I dosed myself up just to get through it!  The adrenaline gets going, the club’s rammed and they’re all up for it, they were all fucking screaming and that, it was a real buzz, I loved it.

SWY:  So when you’re DJing, what kind of music do you play?

DD: I like house and stuff, but quite old-school and quite vocal, but because I’m not a proper DJ people are booking me mainly because of the celebrity thing.  So yeah, I don’t usually do very cool clubs – that’s no disrespect to the clubs but the sort of ones I would like to do are more like Fabric and more underground clubs. At the ones I do DJ, the crowds are really young and I’m 35 now, so most of the crowd are like eighteen or nineteen so if I want to chuck on a track like N-Joi – Anthem or something, unless it’s a drum and bass version they’re going to say ‘What the fuck’s this?’ and it makes me feel really old! So I have to just go with the flow really – it’s pretty commercial.  Yeah I could play the set I want but you don’t want to lose the crowd, there’s nothing better than them jumping around, so when you’re doing Kidderminster you’ve got a fucking set which is a bit of Poker Face by Lady GaGa.




SWY: What other stuff do you listen to?

DD: I like all sorts of music, I love a bit of Jeff Buckley and stuff, it depends on what sort of mood I’m in, I like a bit of Dre, stuff like that, and 2 Pac, love his stuff. Like I said, it depends, that’s the beautiful thing about music – I was brought up with Oasis in the ’90s, they got me out of listening to hardcore music and jumping about with fucking white gloves on with a whistle in my mouth.  Getting youngsters back into guitar music – I think that’s the thing about Oasis, they were a really powerful influence on young people at that time and the longer they went on people saw them as a bit of a joke you know, but I’ll never forget them days.  Music takes you back to a place and time or moment, and I love that.

SWY: What’s the most obscure album in your collection?

DD: Kate Bush. I’ve got her greatest hits unfortunately!

SWY: I don’t blame you, l like Kate Bush.

DD: Yeah I like Kate Bush, but a lot of people just couldn’t get their head around it could they?  I think it was because I was born in ’77 and Mum loved her, and you take on what sort of music your Mum and Dad listen to.  Sometimes you’ve got cool parents who listen to Elvis and things like that, you know, The Beatles – but it was always Kate Bush with my mother.  Yeah so a bit of Kate Bush – I bet that will surprise a few people!

SWY: Is there anything out at the moment that you hate or you wouldn’t play?

DD: Fuck me, yeah of course there is!  There’s loads of shit I just can’t get my head around.  Like I said you can’t really be that indulgent and play the stuff you want.  If the crowd are jumping around and they are fucking feeling it you’ve just got to fucking go with the flow so I don’t really write anything off. Unless it’s a fucking Abba night – I wouldn’t play anything by fucking Abba. Ever.




So Danny Dyer likes Kate Bush, but wouldn’t play anything by fucking Abba – Popbitch bring you only exclusives. I want to thank Danny Dyer for being such a good sport – we all wish him luck in his upcoming projects.  Fingers crossed for more films of The Business calibre.


Danny’s new film Deviation, is out now on DVD through Revolver Entertainment. It’s worth a look too, it’s quite a departure from any part he’s played before…


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