21 reasons 21 Jump Street is really good

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21 Jump Street comes out on Friday and it is very good. Here are 21 reasons why it is very good:


1. Ice Cube is in it - This is nearly always a good thing (we’ll ignore Are We There Yet? if you like). They even play ‘Straight Outta Compton’ when he walks into a room at one point. Playing that song at any point whenever anyone walks into the room is a good idea, but it’s the best idea when Ice Cube walks into a room.

2. James Franco’s brother Dave is in it - I didn’t know this until afterwards, but the whole way through all I could think was ‘That bloke’s such a rip-off of James Franco”. I’m not entirely sure how someone can be a ‘rip-off’ of someone else but whatever, I don’t think my thoughts through before I think them, ok? Either way, he plays a massive prick and he’s well good at it.

3. Channing Tatum is genuinely hilarious - I’ve got an unabashed appreciation of Channing Tatum. Ever since Step Up I found that I’d watch anything he was in just because it was something that he was in. Thing is, he gets a load of flack from the ‘haters’, but take a look at A Guide To Recognising Your Saints and tell me he’s not got a fair pair of acting chops on him. HOMEBOY GOT MOVES TOO. Either way, this is his first out-and-out comedy, and he easily gives Jonah Hill a run for his money in the laughter-stakes. The bit where he headbutts a gong almost evaporated my bladder.

4. Jonah Hill is also hilarious - As per usual though, so it’s not a surprise or anything. He is pretty thin though.


5. The guy that wrote Project X also wrote this - I liked Project X (nobody else did), but this is a much better: a fully fledged script with thoroughly thought-out characters and situations – not just shots of tits and people puking. Although there are some tits in this. And I think there might be some puking too – just not as much (shame).

6. Ellie Kempner is in it - She’s the hot, prudish one from Bridesmaids if you didn’t recognise her name (she’s in the US Office too). She’s not in 21 Jump Street much, but when she is, she’s absolutely brilliant – she plays a teacher who really wants to shag Channing Tatum. She goes about it like a nutcase, which in my book is the best way. I hope you’re taking notes girls.

7. The soundtrack is really good - Unfortunately, the only song I can remember was ‘Straight Outta Compton’, but if that’s on your soundtrack all the other songs can do one, for all I care.

8. There’s a genius scene that rips on Hollywood remakes and re-imaginings - Of course, 21 Jump Street is just that, but that’s what makes it so brilliant.


9. There’s a cameo that LITERALLY NOBODY SAW COMING - Apart from all the people that saw it coming. WHICH WAS EVERYONE.

10. There are some cool car chases - I like car chases. When I was younger I used to ask my Dad if the film we were about to watch had ‘any car chases in it’, then I would decide whether I wanted to watch it based on his answer. I would have watched the shit out of 21 Jump Street.

11. Channing Tatum punches a few people in the face for no reason - I am a fan of doing things for no reason.

12. There’s a really funny ‘on drugs’ scene - It’s a bit of a cheap laugh, but so many films have done it before and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s not broke, and they don’t fix it here – it’s still funny.

13. Brie Larson plays every man’s ideal girlfriend - Only she’s entirely unrealistic because she’s amazing, but she hangs around with a full-on horde of prize pricks. Still, whatever, she’s brilliant so shut up and don’t ever bad-mouth her again. SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND AND I’LL…I’LL…I’LL BLOODY WELL PUNCH YOUR SODDING LIGHTS OUT YOU DIPSTICK! I MEAN IT!

14. Dax Flame is in it - He’s one of those YouTube to movies type deals and he’s fantastic. Check out his YouTube channel here.



15. Rob Riggle is in it - He’s that bit-part guy from all those Adam Sandler movies. In 21 Jump Street he’s that bit-part guy from all those Adam Sandler movies.

16. Korean Jesus is in it - It’s a funny bit. Trust me.

17. The bad guys are really good bad guys – Not actually ‘good’ bad guys, because then they’d be good guys. I mean they are good at being bad guys. They’re ‘good’ ‘bad’ guys. What I mean to say is that the bad guys are really bad. But good bad. They’re good at being bad good bad guys.

18. There’s a brilliant house-party scene - It packs in almost as much carnage as Project X into a fraction of the time.

19. There’s a perfect prologue set in the ’90s - Channing Tatum has a silly haircut and Jonah Hill dresses like Eminem.  Whatever happened to Eminem eh?

20. Unlike Project X, everyone else liked it - I suppose this is a good thing.

21. There are giant lizards with back-mounted bazookas in it - Sorry I ran out of reasons.


Fair enough, the above list might have been a bit better if the film was called 10 Jump Street, but you get my drift.

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