How Daniel Bedingfield spends his time and money

No wonder he's been asking people to pledge...


So, Daniel Bedingfield has reached the target for his pledge-based crowd-funded EP project – but why is he in need of the money?

Could it be because he’s been spending his own on shooting videos like this one, in which he is incessantly mauled by a pack of beautiful models, who won’t let him play on his drum-kit and can’t seem to tear his clothes off fast enough?

It’s like a Lynx advert with the genuine threat of sexual violence.

Daniel Bedingfield – Rocks Off

(Still, anyone who bought one of his strip poker packages will be reassured to know that he really isn’t afraid to get his knob out…)

Perhaps we’re being unfair. It’s not all been prancing about and getting groped. He’s been making more music – guesting on some other artists’ singles too. Here he is working the vocoder in the way that only Daniel Bedingfield can, from about two minutes in on the latest Death! Death! Die! single.

Death! Death! Die! – Party Bot (feat. Daniel Bedingfield)

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