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It’s an exciting time in US telly right now: with most of the big shows on an April break, they’re gearing up for what’s known as May sweeps. An ‘Is Quinn dead?’ cliffhanger will be resolved on Glee, the end is nigh for both House and Desperate Housewives, and the excellent Californication and Shameless (reminds us how great the UK version was at the start) wrap up. We’ve just seen the breathless and extraordinary end of The Walking Dead’s current season (David Morrissey is joining next season!) and, praise Joan, Mad Men is returning. But what of the shows that we previewed last September? Some have sunk and some are keeping their heads above water, but which is which?


1. Terra Nova – falling prey to the Deadwood curse, it was too expensive and didn’t make its money back. The makers, as always, are using the ‘we’re shopping it around to other networks’ line, but this one is a goner. Cancelled in March.

2. Apartment 23 – ok, this one hasn’t even been on yet! And also, it’s been renamed Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Yes, dashes and all. So, the jury’s out on this one; it’ll debut after Modern Family’s much coveted slot in April.

3. Alcatraz - well, it has survived a full season, the ratings aren’t too bad and it’s been sold internationally. Even so, Fox are circling this show like vultures and, like the long-running but also expensive to produce Fringe, we’re expecting it to get cut before May.

4. The Playboy Club – getting a show on the air at all is a miracle, considering the hundreds of pilots that never go to series. So imagine toiling away for years only to be commissioned then unceremoniously cancelled after three measly episodes. It’s a tough world out there for new shows.

5. Awake – another one that got delayed but still looks absolutely brilliant. Three episodes have aired so far – here’s the first 7 minutes of the pilot…

6. Smash – finally! A show that’s doing well, in our post-Glee world. Critically acclaimed and popular with the fans, it’s holding firm half way through its first season. However, still no word on whether NBC will give this one a second season.

7. Up All Night - this one is going rather well, partly due to a post-Bridesmaids bump for star Maya Rudolph, and has reached 20 whole episodes, which seems a lot compared with the rest of our list. However, to my mind, the Will Arnett show that’s most worth watching is the excruciatingly funny Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (shown on indie channel IFC and soon to be on Channel 4). Anything with David Cross in it…

Bubbling under:

Pan Am – cancelled after 14 episodes

Grimm – a sleeper hit, it’s already been renewed for a second season!

Ringer – despite looking like it might be a load of dreck, it’s chugging along and has been given a full season of 22 eps to prove itself.



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