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"There are lots of bunny rabbits that run
through. I am the tortoise" - Newt Gingrich

"If you haven't cursed out a New York 
Times reporter during the course of the 
campaign, you're not really a real 
Republican" - Rick Santorum
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* Frank Langella: family man
* Squirrel vs Snake
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        >> Wipeout <<
        Nicole needs kitty litter

    While Lewis Hamilton didn't quite set
    the world alight as he'd hoped in
    the Malaysian Grand Prix, his girlfriend
    was running into trouble behind the
    scenes too. Another VIP guest who 
    happened to be in the toilets at the
    same time as Nicole Scherzinger says
    that Nicole was so busy lining the seat 
    with loo roll that she forgot to keep
    any paper back for the necessary moment -
    a fact she announced very loudly when
    the time came. 

    Lewis's mum was despatched to secure
    additional paper. Disaster was averted.

He might have messed up in Malaysia, but it's
hard not to like Jenson Button. He said he
celebrated his Australia GP win by spending
the morning swimming with penguins.

        >> Trial by media <<
        May the courts be with you

    May 8th is a big day in the calendar 
    for many reasons. It's Gary Glitter's 
    birthday. It was the day in 1999 that
    Livin' La Vida Loca got to number one
    in the US. And of course, it's V-E day,
    commemorating the end of the second
    world war in Europe. But this year
    it's got added significance for staff
    at News International. It's the day
    that they're expecting charges to 
    be made relating to Operation Weeting,
    the police investigation into phone
    hacking at NOTW. There are currently
    19 people on bail in this investigation,
    plus a hell of a lot of ex-employees 
    keeping an anxious eye on the calendar 
    in the hope they get to May without 
    a visit from Plod. But though there 
    may only be six weeks until then, trials
    aren't expected to take place until 2014.

Jane Fonda is likely to play Nancy Reagan in 
Precious director Lee Daniels' next film.

        >> Big Questions <<
        What people are asking this week

    Which TV superstar shagged his brother's
    wife purely to get back at him for a
    perceived slight? The awkwardness in 
    their relationship occasionally rears
    its head, but now someone is trying 
    to shop the story to the press.    

Jeremy Kyle owns two pairs of Ugg boots.

        >> Funny uncle <<
        Frank keeps it in the family

    Frost/Nixon star Frank Langella has
    just brought out a memoir in which
    he details his relationships with
    older Hollywood stars like Rita
    Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor and
    Bette Davis. It has lead to him being
    described as the bitchiest man in

    He waited until they all died to
    dish the dirt on them. We're not
    so patient.

    Langella was recently filming in LA.
    When he turned up at the house rented
    for him by the movie company he had
    an unexpected housemate with him,
    a cute looking young man, who he 
    introduced as 'his nephew'. Well, what
    else would we expect from a paramour 
    of Liz Taylor and Bette Davis?

The Daily Mail never reviewed James Bond novels 
because Ian Fleming had an affair with the wife 
of the owner, the second Viscount Rothermere.

        >> Popbits <<
        Here comes summer

    First contender for summer anthem 2012 
    is Jagwar Ma's Come Save Me.

    Jagwar Ma is the new solo project of 
    Australian producer Jono Ma, previously 
    in indie favourites The Lost Valentinos
    and a knob-twiddler for The Foals.

    It's a bit Beatles. A bit Charlatans. 
    A bit trip-hop. It's been signed in the
    UK by two A&Rs from XL, and a host of UK 
    DJs and producers are lining up to remix it.


Popbitch Party... Celebrity Pop Star
Wii Challenge, music and drinks.
Wanna come? 18 April, Central London.
Stick it in your diary now. More 
details to follow after Easter...

        >> Badger v Baboon <<
        What the football manager thinks

Wallop_bosch writes:
    "I've made it my mission to ask the 
    entire Millwall squad this most 
    important of all questions... I
    previously asked Paul Robinson, Millwall
    captain. He said 'Definitely baboon'.
    Now I've asked manager Kenny Jackett."

About 2'50" in:

FYI: Here's a new one - Squirrel v Snake

John Parr spotted in the Doncaster Sainsbury's.
He forgot his PIN twice and was advised not to
try a third time.

        >> Masters of ceremony <<
        Top chefs know how to party

    The winner and two runners-up of 
    MasterChef 2012 celebrated the results 
    in the unlikely setting of Giraffe, 
    Soho. After dancing around, almost 
    knocking people over, one of them 
    passed out and they all left without
    tipping. They might be able to cook,
    but it seems like they still need to
    learn how to behave in restaurants.

Katy B likes watching snooker on TV.

        >> Celebrity seduction <<
        More moves from rock stars

Ms A writes:
    "Many moons ago when he was a student
    at Kingston Uni I had the unfortunate
    experience of ending up at Richard
    Archer of Hard Fi's student digs. His
    route to seduction involved telling
    me at length how people tell him he
    resembles Ian Astbury of the Cult.
    It got worse when he put on a Cult
    record and mimed along to it including
    hand pointing, hip swaying and shaking
    a tambourine he conveniently had to hand.
    Despite this I still got busy with him."

Mini-Sting, Coco Sumner, has given up trying
to become a pop star in London, and has 
moved to Brooklyn to have a go in the States.

       >> PR guff <<
       Pointless stunts leave bad smell

    What is it with deodorant companies and
    rubbish PR stunts? First off we got word
    from Lynx that they were sponsoring the
    panda mating season at Edinburgh Zoo,
    and have even installed a camera in their
    enclosure - presumably to encourage you
    to watch pandas humping. But we think
    they've been beaten by Sure, who were so
    desperate to shoehorn their brand into
    the press attention around Kate Middleton's
    debut speech that they sent out a press
    release claiming they'd sent some cans
    of deodorant to Kate's office.

Popbitch's favourite sommelier... Kimpton
Hotel Group's Emily Wines!

        >> Things that make you go hmm <<
        Disco, Madonna, Lego

    Jet split. Remember Pitchfork's
    finest moment?

    Lego taxidermy:

    Nice piece by Nick Cohen on 
    Twitter/jail/free speech:
    The Northern Ireland 1981 Disco
    Dance final:

    Interesting take on Madonna by

    Just when you thought you'd
    seen it all on YouTube:

    The New Yorker tackles the Daily

    17? Possibly pregnant? In the
    US? Good luck with that...

Popbitch is taking a break next week. 
See you after Easter.

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Wayne Rooney visited Fabrice Muamba in 
hospital this week. 

"It's amazing, I swear he is starting 
to string a few basic sentences 
together", said Fabrice.

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