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This afternoon saw a curious little press event in a stuffy hotel conference room as legend of smooth UK crooning, Engelbert Humperdinck, finally met up with the princes of junior pop, Jedward.

It was a strange meeting of minds, as the Edward half of the Irish partnership became strangely coy in the presence of the master, leaving the more forthcoming John to conduct the event like some kind of minature Parkinson on too much Cola. The Hump himself appears to be as deaf as a post, and could keep up with what the young microphone assassin, but played this for comedy perfectly.

The Hump cast a quaintly grandfatherly figure, giving the lads much praise and advice on how to further their careers in pop, while Jedward seemed genuinely in awe of the veteran star. It was a strange little do, but one that treated us to many moments of charm, wit and silliness, and the culture clash relationship between the two acts became genuinely charming as the event went on.

Thanks to those of you who tried to watch it stream live. Unfortunately we were hamstrung by an annoyingly unreliable hotel Wi-Fi stystem, and had to abandom, in favour of recording it and uploading it later. We’re terribly sorry about that! However, here it is in all its shakycam glory – only with the first minute and a half cut off. But there’s still plenty enough to keep you going!

Just click here for funtimes… Jengelbert – a true meeting of minds…

Now, let’s see if we can get that hotel’s steam computer system working in time for tomorrow’s 10:45 Bambuser appointment with Scott Mills and Sara Cox – see it only at

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