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********************************************** Will Young will play live after an evening of racing at Epsom Racecourse, Thurs 12 July, performing new material from his current Number One album "Echoes" along with favourites from his previous albums. Advance adult tickets 32GBP pp. 40GBP on the day. ********************************************** "You can't be a fan of mine and not want […]

Will Young will play live after an evening of 
racing at Epsom Racecourse, Thurs 12 July, 
performing new material from his current 
Number One album "Echoes" along with 
favourites from his previous albums. Advance 
adult tickets 32GBP pp. 40GBP on the day.

"You can't be a fan of mine and not want 
peace in the world" - Madonna
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        >> Red top cock up <<
        Not worth the paper it's scribbled on

    "The Sun Newspaper is like a fuckin
    ass hair, full of shit!!!!" said
    Rihanna a few days ago. We know
    someone who might agree.
    In issue 324, 2006, we recounted
    the story of a man who was sold a 
    second-hand computer which had David
    Beckham's security plans on it. He
    handed it to The Sun, they ran it as
    a cover story, but he never got paid
    the 20K he was promised. He told us 
    this week that - with Leveson putting
    the paper's practices in the news -
    he'd been in touch with them again.

    "At the time I had several heated
    discussions with Tom Crone over the
    phone in which he told me I was a
    pain in the arse and offered me 14
    grand, stating that he knew I wouldn't
    have the resources to take them to
    court... I didn't accept.

    "This time I was told by a nice woman
    on the phone to email my complaint,
    but none of my emails have been
    answered. Tom Crone was a right c**t
    but at least he didn't just ignore me.

    "Anyway I just thought you'd like to
    see what a contract from a newspaper
    looks like after it's been in the attic
    for 8 years."

Alex James was on Tresco island with his 
family last week. We're told his kids have
mop tops and look like "mini Jarvis Cockers".

        >> Girls alone <<
        They've all gone solo

    Girls Aloud are recording new material!
    Does this mean there's finally a 
    rapprochement between Cheryl and Nadine?

    Who knows? Each girl is recording 
    their bit at Xenomania studios

Handshake Update - a reader claims that Nick
Rhodes' has an incredibly strong and 
powerful handshake. (With rougher skin than
you might expect.)   

        >> Big Questions <<
        What people are asking this week

    Which Sunday hack, who when threatened 
    with the sack for a shocking misdemeanour
    by his then-editor, calmly replied that
    he'd expose the paper's top mobile phone
    hacker and got to keep his job? And
    while his career has taken an upward 
    turn the editor hasn't been so lucky.

    Which of the England WAGs in Krakow
    was described disapprovingly by her
    equally charmless in-laws as "only 
    interested in his money"?

Sir Viv Richards has a golf handicap of four.

        >> Didn't he do well <<
        An almighty effort from Bruce

    Passengers on the flight that Bruce
    Forsyth took from Monaco to London
    recently tell us that he's as chivalrous
    as you'd expect a knight of the realm
    to be. He ensured that his wife was
    fully comfortable in her seat before
    he sat down himself and at baggage
    reclaim in Heathrow he handled all
    the luggage for the pair of them on
    his own. He was also extremely polite
    when asking people to move. 

    A surprising piece of news, however,
    is that when Brucey saw that the only 
    newspaper available was the Daily
    Mail he got rather sniffy, describing
    it as "the worst paper in the UK."

FYI: Also spotted in Monaco: Lance Armstrong,
when he could still train for triathlons He 
was said to be "great at cycling, good 
at swimming but very bad style at running". 

A schoolfriend of Banksy claims he was a big
fan of Erasure and T'Pau. His first gig was 
seeing Erasure in Shepton Mallet. We don't 
know if he ever got to see La Decker.  

Cars, iconic landmarks, famous sport stars...
Mini takes to the London streets in homage to
1969 classic, The Italian Job. 

        >> Pony 2012 <<
        Popbitch Racing Club shock!

    Like Marr, and Clarkson, we decided to
    retire our Superinjunction. 
    Like theirs, ours initially looked 
    useful but ended up expensive, a little 
    embarrassing and a source of
    amusement for others. 

    So meet the new PBRC horse, George Baker.

    We'll bring you news of George's PBRC
    debut, but don't forget next week is 
    Royal Ascot. Here are our tips:

    1. Go Tuesday not Ladies Day. Smaller 
    crowds plus Frankel = winner. 
    2. Get the train down early morning - 
    you might even get a seat.
    3. Wear flat shoes. 
    4. The main bar in the Grandstand does 
    great cold bags with the booze and 
    antipasti platters. Stock up and sit on 
    the lawn, avoiding the scrum behind.
    5. You should be able to get Amanda
    Holden or Sinitta with a catapult
    from this vantage point.
    6. Leave before the last race to 
    get the train out.

Want to join in the PBRC fun and games?
For info email 

Make sure you have a Coral account to bet 
with during Ascot week  - they'll have some 
great offers which we'll forward on
@popbitch - and please send us tips back
because we need help:

Natasha Bedingfield performed last night at the 
Esprit launch accompanied by non-famous brother
wearing a T-shirt with 'Fuck You' written on it.

       >> Two men, one opinion <<
       Maybe it's time to revaluate Corden

DW writes:
    "This is one email I never thought I'd
    write. I was getting off the tube at 
    Tottenham Court Road and was heading 
    to the escalator. A largish figure
    barrelled out of a side exit, and
    we were neck-and-neck to be first on.

    "Being nice, I said: 'After you.'

    "A familiar voice said: 'No, no, after
    you.' So I got on the escalator first.

    "The nice gentleman who let me go
    first? James Corden. Who would have
    thought he wasn't always a c**t?"

Vintage Nominative Determinism - the expert sent
by the Lord Chamberlain's office to police the 
nude revue at the Windmill Theatre, Soho, in 
the 1930s was called George Titman.

        >> Ad nausea <<
        Worst ads of the Euros so far?

    Adidas were a strong contender for worst
    patron of Euro 2012 with their "Adidas is
    all in" billboards - a campaign which 
    promotes their brilliant insight that
    when you love your game, whatever it may
    be, you put your all into it.

    But McDonalds win out with the baffling We would tell you what
    it is but after viewing the website and 
    looking at the app we still don't know.

    Not only that, McDonalds are claiming to
    be "Proud sponsor of official England 
    player escorts."

    In Ukraine... escorts? 

Seen any other contenders? 

The median family in America suffered a 
39% fall in wealth between 2007 and 2010.

        >> Old-school trip <<
        Talking heads - Studio 54 style

    On a recent BBC programme about the 70s
    disco scene there were a number of talking
    head pieces from Trinny and Susannah.
    Trinny talked about going to Studio 54
    and seeing "drug taking on the dancefloor
    and sex in the loos".

    Trinny was born in 1964 and Studio 54
    closed 4 Feb 1980, four days before her 
    16th birthday. She was in boarding school
    in Germany at this time.

Nick Cave Watch: our hero on a train (standard 
class) "yawning a lot, slightly the worse for 
wear and his lady friend was showing him things
on his smart phone. Then they both fell asleep."

       >> Pharoah 'nuff <<
       Bangles benefit from Belle boo-boo

    The Bangles made Walk Like An Egyptian
    into a massive hit. Would it have been 
    the same if the band it was first 
    offered to had recorded it... 

    ...the Belle Stars!

FYI: Kim Rew, who penned The Bangles first hit, 
Going Down To Liverpool then went on to write 
UK's last Eurovision winner Love Shine A Light.

#Chargergate Update! ‏@richardpbacon says: "Dear 
the runners in Soho edit suite, Prime Focus, 
I'm sorry for nicking your iPhone charger." 

       >> Gleeming <<
       Jan's scrubbed up nicely

Agnetha writes:
    "Who needs Leveson with news like this: 
    I can exclusively reveal that Jan Leeming
    has cleaned her car. Her alloys, bonnet
    and rear end are now positively gleaming."

FYI: A reader tells us that Jan Leeming said
hello to their dog last Tuesday. Another
Popbitch exclusive.

Father's Day - Put Dad in top gear and 
enter him to win a test drive in a Ferrari. 
All you have to do is adopt him a word, 
like "mid-life crisis". Adopt a word with 
the charity I CAN for the perfect present 
that also helps a child with communication 

        >> Hmms <<
        Wine, face, mormon

    Last week we brought you the England
    Supporters Band's video and guide to
    how to keep playing a mediocre version
    of Great Escape. They then got banned in 
    Donetsk. A huge wave of public support
    to overturn it? Um...

    An excellently named cake maker:

    Gay, mormon and happily married:

    Wine pairings for human flesh:

    99p vs a pound. An economist

    The letters B and P are easily
    confused in Arabic, but still...
    An Avatar themed nightclub in

    Nice geek piece on trolls:

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Old Jokes Home
Polish fans have been officially warned
that if they cause any more trouble 
during Euro 2012 they will be deported 
back to the UK.

Still Bored? 
Guardian to Graeme Swann: What's the 
biggest animal you could knock out with 
a single punch? 

Graeme Swann: A baby otter. I hate them. 
I've got a real beef with them. I'd knock 
the arrogant little buggers out!

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