Welcome to the (Hawker) House of Fun

London's premier street food and drink event, Hawker House, opens again TONIGHT AT 5PM in Haggerston, a brand new 650 capacity space at 260-264 Kingsland Road. We asked the people behind it to tell us what they love and hate in the food and drinks trade for 2015. Here are the four things to remember.


1. Anything in a jam jar can piss off.

2. The salad on breakfast trend MUST STOP or we will start to KILL ALL THE CHEFS.

3. If you want to know what cocktail to order this year to impress a bartender, order a Penicillin. It’s got whisky and whisky in it. Double whisky.

4. Come to Hawker House and play whisky roulette. We’ve got 36 whiskies – one for each roulette number. Spin the wheel and win a shot. Some of the whisky measures up for grabs are worth £40, but the number you really want to be landing on is ZERO. In a casino, the house wins if you land on zero, but at Hawker House you win a bottle of Compass Box King St or Tincup Bourbon. So cross your fingers that you fuck it up.

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