Issue 24: In-Jokes And Injunctions

* PJS v News Group Commemorative Issue! * How Fleet Street jokes about injunctions! * How lawyers bully and intimidate journalists! * How celebrities organise their sex parties!


BlackHatchingWe will be updating this issue as soon as the Supreme Court rules in the PJS v News Group Newspapers case – as there are two articles we just have no way to publish while the injunction holds. 18 of the 20 pages are here for you now though, and we’ll update it for free as time goes on.

BlackHatchingIssue 24 of Popbitch Magazine has everything we are legally allowed to tell you about injunctions, lawyers, reporters, celebrities and a whole lot more. For such a draconian area of law, we’ve managed to squeeze in a ton of stuff, INCLUDING:


Gagged And Rebound – After a brief spell in the legal wilderness, it looks like the trusty old injunction is enjoying a moment in the sun again. A couple of big names have taken out gagging orders recently – but whatever happened to all those old ones from a few years back? Weren’t we supposed to tidy that all up?


In-Jokes And Injunctions – Whispers are circulating about all sorts of celebrities and politicians and their various indiscretions at the minute, but how can you make sense of the reporting around these hushed up stories? Injunctions can force the hands of editors – but only so far. Here are the clues to look out for. [Read As A Preview]


The Letter Of The Law – Last month, we received a legal letter from one of the UK’s most prominent law firms, making various threats to try to get us to take down an article. We wanted to show you what it’s like to receive a legal threat, but the law makes it a little tricky. Tricky, but not impossible…


Between The Spreadsheets – Perhaps you heard the details of PJS’s trysts – in particular that extremely exotic-sounding olive oil/paddling pool ‘wrestling experience’ – and thought “Ooh, yeah. I could be up for that.” How much would a thing like that set you back exactly? What are the costs involved? We crunched the numbers for you… [Read As A Preview]


Helping Hands – Another question you may have asked yourself in the course of this whole thing is: “How one earth does one go about setting up an olive oil paddling pool sex party?” If you’ve been curious about the logistics of putting it all together and then pulling it down we asked the industry people who would know.


The Darker Arts – The privacy injunction industry was dealt a huge blow in 2015 – one which drew a lot of attention to the other, darker side of the practice: false claims of blackmail. One prominent case (YXB v TNO) had huge repercussions, striking fear into the hearts of promiscuous footballers throughout England…



Stars Of The Superinjunctions! We revisit some of the other injunctions still in force
Quantitative Greasing! Could there be another reason behind the injunction?
Industrial Actions! What do these injunction holders do all day?
As well as all manner of whips, chains, photos and legal writs


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