Issue 30: The Great De-Pressing

A Freedom Of The Press Special featuring * Hulk Hogan's penis! * Olive oil orgies! * The Royal Charter! * Donald Trump's endless pant-pissing!



A Freedom Of The Press Special – In Four Parts


Part One: The Newsworthy Penis

In which we discuss – Hulk Hogan, Gawker and the First Amendment by way of sex tapes, Manhattan media, LA law firms, Silicon Valley billionaires, Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, six ordinary citizens of St Petersburg, FL. and more…


Part Two: Return Of The Gag

In which we discuss – superinjunctions, sex parties and celebrities we still can’t mention, alongside MI5,  American talk radio, the UK Supreme Court, alleged criminal cover-ups, millionaires and their kids, John Terry’s Daddy Of The Year Award and more…


Part Three: Battle Royal

In which we discuss – the Royal Family, the press and their chequered history, taking a detour via the Leveson Inquiry, Kate Middleton’s tits, press regulation, American TV, the Caerphilly Observer, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the death of Diana, Pornhub and more…


Part Four: Post-Truth Will Out

In which we discuss – Donald Trump, his presidency and the White House Press Corps, while touching on Nazis, the cast of Hamilton, moonlighting, sexual harassment, white nationalism, the New York Times, the online bullying of women, flag-burning, pant-pissing and more…



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