Help Popbitch! Pledge Drive 2017

Would you donate something to keep Popbitch's free weekly email in good health? Last year the donations you gave us made a massive, massive difference. We pushed back against the cyber attacks and the lawyers. With your help we can do the same again in 2017.


Help Popbitch!

2015 saw us overwhelmed by malicious computer attacks. This year, thanks to you, we haven’t lost even one hour to these denial of service attempts – and this is at a time where cyber attacks are becoming ever more widespread and ever more vicious.

2016 saw more than its fair share of legal letters too – all of which we’ve been able to stave off, thanks again to your donations.

Popbitch is just a team of two operating on a small budget. The donation you give goes straight towards making sure we can safely receive and send you the stories that the rich and powerful are trying to keep under wraps (and all the light, silly, funny gossip we can find to help us through these increasingly weird and bleak days…)

So – if you enjoy what we do – please do put your money where our mouth is.


Choose Your Level

* Anyone who donates anything – we send our love, gratitude and respect…

* Anyone who donates £50+ automatically becomes a premium member of Popbitch – on a second mailing list which includes invitations to any Popbitch parties we host or can guestlist

* Anyone who donates £250+ gets a link to an advert, business or charity of your choice in the newsletter (with or without a namecheck)



All payments are securely processed through PayPal.

If you have a PayPal account you can just click on this and pay what you want

If you don’t want to use PayPal, just transfer to our bank Popdog, 40-02-44, 91385771. Reference: your email (so we can thank you!)


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