Issue 31: Urination Inauguration

* Pricing up a Presidential Piss Party! * Debbie Reynolds: Agony Aunt! * Shitty Knickers and Perfumed Rats! * Daily Mail Etymology!


BlueHatching2Between The Spreadsheets: Move over, olive oil paddling pool threesomes! 2017 is the year of the Presidential Piss Party. How do you set one up? Don’t worry. We’ve run the numbers for you so that you can enjoy your very own urination inauguration… [Read As A Preview]


Phrase Anatomy: Skimming the headlines of the Daily Mail’s website can often feel like reading a foreign language. “Fresh Faced Beauty Pours Curves Into Daring Neckline Treating Onlookers To Busty Display” is a sentence that’s supposed to mean something. But what? And why? And how? We examine the archives to see where some of their most common phrases come from.


Jack-O-Likes: Casting directors came under some pretty heavy fire for giving the part of Michael Jackson to Joseph Fiennes – but could modern technology have helped them out? We ran some recent celebrity biopic castings through a facial recognition programme to see who a computer thought these actors were playing.


Trump Tracking: We know it’s tedious to have to constantly hear about Donald Trump and his various batshit activities 24/7. But now that a reality TV star is the Leader of the Free World and is waging war on the sorts of media outlets that report on prostitute piss scandals, he’s landed pretty squarely on our territory. So, as quickly as we could, we looked at his ongoing attacks on the free press.


I Never Promised You A Rose Garden: Popbitch Magazine’s first video essay – a little look back at Hillary’s history…


Debbie Does Drama! We revisit Hollywood’s most patient agony aunt, Debbie Reynolds
Saint George! The tributes have been pouring in for George Michael
New Year’s Dishonours! Stories of the strangest people on the honours list this year
Eurovision 2017! On Monday, we’ll be updating the issue to give you our red hot opinions on the (currently embargoed) choices for the UK Eurovision entry
And much, much more…


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