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Have you seen the poster for David Tennant's new West End play? It might look a little bit familiar to you if you've ever seen any of his other work. Why? Because it's the same photo he's been churning out for six years now – and there's a very specific reason why...

TennantTopPink copy

PinkHatchingThe upcoming Wyndham Theatre production of Don Juan In Soho had a high-end professional shoot – as most West End plays do. Yet the promotional materials all seem to feature the same black and white photo that its star, David Tennant, has been using for years.

The photo appears on his Spotlight profile…



His work at the Royal Shakespeare Company…


A nature documentary he narrated on PBS…



And it.s all over those mega-fan desktop wallpaper sites like malware…


It’s not as if David Tennant isn’t photogenic and photos of him looking good are few and far between. So why does he love using that particular photo so much?

We’re told that while contracts are being hammered out with David, producers are gently encouraged to acquire the non-exclusive usage rights for this particular photo. The reason? It’s the artistic property of one Georgia Moffett.

A.K.A. Mrs Tennant, David’s amateur-photographer wife.



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