Issue 32: The Dishonour Of Derek

* Going to town on David Beckham! * Melania Trump's brand new hooker suit! * Injunctions: Back at it again! * The wit and wisdom of Lee Ryan!


PinkHatchingKnights To Remember: Getting a knighthood isn’t all just charity work and greasing up to the right people. You have to live and breathe British values. So if David Beckham is so keen to become a knight of the realm, maybe he wants to follow the example of some of the people who have already been awarded one?


Contend It Like Beckham: Injunctions! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing – and this latest David Beckham fiasco has gone and proved the point once again. Highlighting yet more problems with the legal system as it stands, this is what happened.


Try Hard II: Try Harder: And so, as it was foretold, Melania Trump has filed a defamation suit against the Daily Mail’s website MailOnline after it intimated that she was a whore. The man behind this case? Why, it’s our old pal, Charles J Harder – Attorney At Law!


Sky: The Frozen Limit: Try as they might, Sky TV is struggling to make shows for the streaming era. They appear to be doing everything right – importing big name execs; pumping money into their own in-house productions; making meaty, gritty dramas. But where Netflix, Amazon, HBO and the BBC are all doing well, Sky is coming up short. Why?


The Star Spangled Blander: After a decade of women performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, 2017 saw all-American country singer Luke Bryan belt out the Star Spangled Banner. It was well-received, hailed as a return to tradition, but was it actually? We scratched the surface – and found something unusual about it…


Euro Friendlies: We’ve got a while until the competition kicks off in earnest, but if you mainly watch Eurovision for the mad shit entries then, buddy, you are going to want to pay attention to the national heats. This is where all the weirdest stuff is – and we’ve gone ahead and dug out some of the best of it for you…



– Tennant’s Extra! Why does that picture of David Tennant keep cropping up everywhere?
– Orderly Conduct! What does it take to get an OBE these days?
– Vocal Lee! The wit and wisdom of Lee Ryan
– and much, much more…




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