Issue 33: Ignominious Blowhards

A Libel And Defamation Special! ft. * Monroe v Hopkins! * Ukraine v Russia! * Popbitch v The World!


JadeHatchingFor Whom Libel Tolls: Jack Monroe’s recent victory in the courts has landed Katie Hopkins with a pretty sizeable legal bill – one that dwarfs the actual cost of the damages awarded. How do legal bills get so big? And what are they actually paying for? We tried to find out… [Read As A Preview]


In Complaint Sight: Because libel proceedings are so expensive, and because the law insists on proof of “serious harm” for the claim to be upheld, you’d think that celebrities would only choose to bring these suits when the circumstances were extremely dire – but a little look through our archive of legal threats shows that that’s not always the case…


Courting Danger: If we sound like know-it-alls for telling Katie Hopkins what she should have done it’s only because we learned the lesson ourselves – and we learned it the hard way. What can you expect if you ever try to pick up a fight with someone over a threat of defamation? We can tell you from experience…


The Betting Sun: It’s a well-established rule in gambling that the house always wins, but if the house is run by a bunch of inept, flustering dummies who haven’t the first idea how to set odds, approach a customer, or stay on the right side of industry standards, it’s not entirely clear how anyone wins. Welcome to the House of Sun.


The Sound Of Muse: Incumbent Eurovision champions Ukraine have revealed their entry for this year’s competition and the chorus couldn’t sound more like Muse if they’d hired Matt Bellamy himself to write it. Though that might seem a little leftfield for a famously kitsch TV pop contest, there’s actually some evidence to suggest that Muse is the quintessential Eurovision band… [Read As A Preview]


Le Vell All: It’s been two years since Michael Le Vell returned to our screens in Corrie after a rather high profile and scandalous court case. Since he was acquitted, it seems strange that we haven’t heard his side of the story in a tell-all exclusive. Don’t celebs usually sell those? Yeah. Usually…



– Chimaculate Conception! The rather rum timeline of Cheryl’s pregnancy
– Eurofriction! Russia v Ukraine gets incredible tactical
– Dananagrams! Tails of tale chasing with Paul Danan
– Sombre networking, beachside bonkfests and the danger of long lead times in business-to-business
– and much, much more…




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