Popbitch Popquiz – Tues 13th June

Gossip, trivia and the filthiest arts and crafts tasks in London – the Popbitch Popquiz returns to Smiths Of Smithfield on Tuesday 13th June. Get your tickets and reserve your table here...



Join us on Tuesday 13th June for a pub quiz like no other. Salacious trivia, filthy arts and crafts rounds and the strangest party games you’ll ever be a part of, you don’t need to be a pop music expert to win. There’s something for everyone.

Entry fee is £5 per person; and maximum team size is six (larger groups can share tables, but will need to break into smaller teams).

Tables will be reserved from 6.30pm; quiz starts prompt at 7:30pm – so be sure to turn up and get your drinks orders in before then. (There’s usually drinks special offers – like £15 prosecco – plus a special Popbitch Popquiz bar food menu with table service)

Popbitch Popquiz Tickets


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