Win the Eurovision 2017 CD

Whether it's Croatia's bizarre opera-pop crossover, Italy's summer holiday pop or Romania's yodellers that stole your heart, you can keep your favourites and listen to them over and over again. And if you haven't yet heard Montengro's G.A.Y banger, then you'll enjoy this even more.


We asked you to guess the top 5 of Eurovision 2017.

Thanks to everyone who entered but nobody got them right. OK, so that’s not surprising – but nobody got 4 out of 5 either,

So we’ve decided to award the CDs to everyone who got 3 of the placings correct.

50% of entries got the winning country correct  – Portugal – but if you also named two of the others in the right spots, we’ll be in touch for your address so we can send you the CD.

With Eurovision done and dusted for another year, it’s time relive those memories with the Eurovision 2017 CD!

Info/buy it from Amazon here:

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