End Of Year Three

A selection of assorted articles from our third year of Popbitch Magazine, including: * The true cost of a presidential piss party! * The developing language of the Daily Mail! * How Fleet Street jokes about injunctions! * Bruno Mars's copycat career!



To celebrate the third birthday of Popbitch Magazine, we have compiled a special edition of assorted articles – a sort of tester issue which is FREE TO DOWNLOAD.


It includes:


In-Jokes And Injunctions: Whispers are circulating about all sorts of celebrities and politicians and their various indiscretions at the minute, but how can you make sense of the reporting around these hushed up stories? Injunctions can force the hands of editors – but only so far. Here are the clues to look out for. [Read As A Preview]


Phrase Anatomy: Skimming the headlines of the Daily Mail’s website can often feel like reading a foreign language. “Fresh Faced Beauty Pours Curves Into Daring Neckline Treating Onlookers To Busty Display” is a sentence that’s supposed to mean something. But what? And why? And how?


Between The Spreadsheets: Perhaps you heard the details of PJS’s trysts – in particular that extremely exotic-sounding olive oil/paddling pool ‘wrestling experience’ – and thought “Ooh, yeah. I could be up for that.” How much would a thing like that set you back exactly? What are the costs involved? We crunched the numbers for you… [Read As A Preview]


Cool For Copycats:  Bruno Mars has finally found his groove. After a series of successful, yet sonically schizophrenic, singles the pint-sized popster has settled into a sound that he clearly really likes. From Treasure, to Uptown Funk, to 24K Magic, he’s making the funk work for him. But are we wrong to think that it all sounds a bit familiar?


Rogue’s Gallery: With markets in turmoil and global political uncertainty everywhere you look, one smart way to invest your millions is in art. Thanks to a five year jail sentence for committing twelve acts of indecent assault, the price of Rolf Harris originals is currently at an all-time low. And, luckily, someone is trying to sell them.


Lit Wank: Leslie Grantham – actor, murderer and webcam sexface nightmare – is the latest celebrity star to turn his hand to fiction writing. He has just released the first a multi-book series about a young boy who finds himself involved in the world of wizardry. If that sounds a bit familiar, don’t worry. He’s given it a rather personal touch…



The Price Is Right – Our favourite Katie stories

Stars Of The Superinjunctions – Who’s hushing up what?

Secrets Safe – Max Clifford’s vaults

Letters Of The Law – Some correspondence from the finest legal minds of London



It’s free – so what do you have to lose?


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