Baboon vs Badger – the best really small book about baboons and badgers in the world

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Who said print media was dead?


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Baboon vs Badger

After David Cameron shamelessly ducked the question “Who would win in a fight between a baboon and badger?” when it was posed to him earlier this year, Popbitch decided to ask a panel of pop stars, comedians, politicians and experts who they thought would triumph: the sturdy British beast or the screeching African primate?


In amongst the 130+ answers you will find:

- Rick Astley talking electron force-fields
Bodger from CBBC’s Bodger and Badger pondering puppet-on-puppet violence
Keavy and Edele from B*Witched recounting a run-in their brother had with a rock-throwing baboon
– Psychic Wilbur channelling the other-worldly opinions of Michael Jackson, Jade Goody, Princess Di and Patrick Swayze.

As well as answers from
Jon Snow | Jonathan King | Kim Wilde | Paul Weller | Dennis Taylor | Cleopatra | Stephen Fry | Noam Chomsky | Charlie Brooker | Lauren Laverne | The Puppini Sisters | Jon Ronson | Nik Kershaw | Derren Brown | Alain De Botton | Daniel Bedingfield | David Van Day and many more….
A perfect stocking filler, this is the only book you’ll find this Christmas where Alastair Campbell, Abs from 5ive and Tony Blackburn all share the same thought.

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