Remember Beast? Meet Heart2Heart…

About a month ago we told you about Beast, the white-leather-clad haircut 100s that are all the rage over in Korea at the moment. Well, in related news, Lance Bass (from NSync, no less) has recently introduced Heart2Heart to the world:



Brilliant. They’re a spot-on parody (WE HOPE) of K-Pop boybands and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  Check out their website here – it’s good stuff.

Seeing Heart2Heart reminded us of quite possibly the funniest (and scariest) music video ever made – let us introduce you to B4-4. Before you watch it, just remember that this is NOT a parody. THEY’RE BEING COMPLETELY SERIOUS.



No cheese before bedtime tonight readers, you’ve got enough nightmare fuel for a week after that.