Piranha 3D: Boobs, Blood and (fish closely related to) Bream.

We’ve just seen Piranha 3D and let’s just say it certainly earned its place on our Mental Films List.  We haven’t seen a film this gory in a cinema in a looong time (although we’ve got A Serbian Film this weekend), we also haven’t seen a film with this much nudity in the cinema, well, ever (although we’ve got A Serbian Film this weekend).  They certainly don’t make them like this anymore.

Although they clearly do, because they made this.

They certainly don’t usually make them like this anymore.  That’s better.

Instead of trying to tell you what the ‘plot’ is in our own words, we managed to find director Alexandre Aja’s original pitch email, so we’ve just copied and pasted it below:

Dear Dimension Films,


This film will have Kelly Brook naked in it innit and also there will be piranhas.

Yours sincerely,

Alexandre Aja

P.S. It will be in 3D

P.P.S. Kelly Brook will get naked in it.

P.P.P.S. Sorry, already said that.