MUZU: Spice Week – Emma

Emma Bunton claimed her mum psychically predicted she would become famous. “My mother saw my aura. I was 17… she told me it was gold, and that meant money.”

Her mum isn’t the all-seeing mystic she might think though. For example, she was kept in the dark about Emma’s smoking habit. Someone who works in an off-licence near the blonde one’s London flat recalls Emma and Ma Bunton coming in and buying loads of wine and champagne, then carrying it out to their car. While her mother was packing it away, Emma ran back in, checked mum wasn’t looking, and said “Quick, stick twenty Bensons in as well”.

Spice Girls – Holler

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MUZU: Enrique Iglesias

Enrique was doing a concert in Rome and his people arranged for some models and pretty girls to be stationed in front of the left-hand side of the stage, so he could dive in for some great photo and TV shots.

The crew reminded him when he went on, “left side, Enrique”. He thought they meant stage left.

So when Iglesias dived off the stage for his photo op, he wasn’t where he thought he’d be. Instead, he landed right in the disabled fans area.

Enrique Iglesias – Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) from MUZU.

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MUZU: Shania Twain

It’s always nice to hear a rags-to-riches story (we all remember Jenny From The Block, right?) Well, here’s one about another multi-million selling artist.

When Eilleen Regina Edwards was growing up, her family was so poor they had to hunt rabbits for food. She actually set up the rabbit traps to strangle them. She’s was surprisingly good with her hands, as a matter of fact. Aged 13, Eilleen used worked as part of her father’s reforestation crew. She’s still apparently very adept with both an axe and a chainsaw to this day.

And who did Eilleen grow up to become?

That’s right. Shania Twain.


Shania Twain – Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

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MUZU: Avril Lavigne

Poor Avril Lavigne. She wasn’t kidding when she said things were complicated.

Interviews with Avril don’t always go quite to plan because she doesn’t always understand the questions posed to her. So when doing the promotion for her first album and headline tour, her label had to hire an interpreter to help.

For interviews with US journalists.

In English.

Avril Lavigne – Complicated

The words she had most difficulty with? “Mutate” and “Defiance”.

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MUZU: Kylie Minogue

relief_organist writes

“In the 80s friends of mine rented little worker’s cottage in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond and the landlord was one Ron Minogue. By all accounts he was an excellent landlord, if anything needed doing it was quickly taken care of,  by Ron or his son Brendan who would pop over from his work at nearby Channel 9.

Of course the tenants knew who the family were but they never let on and proud Ron’s  constant efforts to trigger acknowledgment of his daughters’ fame were a running joke.

Each time Ron visited he would comment on the musical equipment in the house and say something like “I love music, my family is very musical you know” or “I have to pick my daughter up from the airport, she has been travelling to London a lot with work lately”.

My friends never cracked. Even when Locomotion came out.”

Kylie Minogue – Wow

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MUZU: Brandon Flowers

In these occasionally boring days of careerist rock stars, it’s great to hear stories of old fashioned rock and rolls excess by the big radio-friendly bands.

Whilst touring in Japan, the Killers were ejected from the Park Hyatt Bar for getting drunk and placing their genitals on the shoulders of unsuspecting female drinkers. Undeterred, they retired up to the rooms to continue to party, with the 15 year-old daughter of a cabinet minister and Sheena Ringo (the Japanese Bjork).

Eventually the shenanigans get too much for the guests in the next room and there is a knock on the door. One of the band goes to tell whoever it is to sod off… only to find a US secret service agent standing there, replete with a large gun.

Just by chance, it so happened that the suite next door was being occupied by ex-Secretary of State, James Baker.

The 15-year old groupie crapped herself with fear, and the Killers ran off.

Brandon Flowers – Only The Young

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MUZU: Will Young

Anyone who thinks that Will Young is a cute, but ultimately bland, mummy’s boy has caught completely the wrong end of the stick.

Lovely though he may well be, at school (the exclusive Wellington College), Will and his twin brother Rupert used to bully a classmate, who was a good friend of TV presenter Johnny Vaughn. Their favourite trick was pinning him down in the toilets and pissing on him.

Will Young – Your Game on MUZU

“Why does everybody want me to be an asshole?” - Will Young

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Gruesome Twosome: Joe McElderry and Same Difference

The X-Factor is often accused of being formulaic, employing the same old tricks year after year to push their artists on the public.

If that’s true, then Joe McElderry ought to be very careful. It looks like he’s being sent down a very particular path… (one with lots of bunting and dancing extras)

Joe McElderry – Ambitions

Same Difference – We R One

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