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The gift that that special someone in your life Original Soviet, North Korean and Cuban political posters Go on, click on the link, you may be surprised [link]

And while you're buring your now useless HMV gift tokens you got for Christmas

spare a thought for CEO Trevor Moore. Still, his CV should make up for the fact he's seen HMV go under. Before this he also ran Jessops. And Coffee Republic. And Threshers wine.


deep_stoat 12:36, reply

My...their strategy was spot on..

Acknowledging that our core markets for packaged media are changing, rebalancing our store space and range to maximise sales of high-growth portable digital technology products

powermaster 15:35, reply

Oh for fuck's sake

Vauxhall had me so full of hope too

spank_daley 17:48, reply


trellis 18:03, reply

word is that tesco are accepting them...

if you explain HMV stands for horse meat voucher.

neville_bartos 15:26, reply

Who gave Andy Parsons a login?

spank_daley 16:11, reply


deep_stoat 16:18, reply

I'll have a P45 please Bob.

webmong 14:44, reply


bad_horsey 16:42, reply

The Kersal Massive have grown up

bad_horsey 13:29, reply

I heart the Chuckle Brothers.

sydbarretthomes 13:44, reply

Gary Neville looks a bit rough.

philanderer 15:30, reply