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You're in charge of TV, who would you like to see less of in 2014?

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Ethnic minorities and gays. I'm just bored of being sold the idea that they're just like us.

7zark7 Sat 11 Jan 16:46, (Answer / reply)

Kirsty Allsop - she can fuck right off.

She's like Nurse Ratched, persuading mentally ill people via the telly to knit toilet roll holders and turn their houses into dried up vaginas. She was put on Earth by fashion rapist Cath Kidston to make us all smell of menopausal minge and dried flowers.

dawnsyndrome Mon 13 Jan 10:39, (Answer / reply)

Richard Osman - FFS, have the decency to turn something down once in a while; Every cunting comedian on a panel show - you shower of cunts, fuck off; Miranda - you mugging-to-camera twat; any journo columnist trying to get a TV career - fuck off Coren (both of you), Caitlin and especially Grace Dent; Kirstie Alsop - needs gassing; Vernon Kay - also needs gassing; Will.I.Am - you can fuck right off you complete fucking cunt knuckle; anyone who presents BB's little brother - the world does not need any new TV presenters; all of them from Top Gear - old aged cunts; Zane Lowe - jesus wept you're a cunt, Lauren Laverne - and take your fucking ironic smirk with you. In fact all BBC coverage of music festivals can fuck right off, the wankers, same every year you lazy, know nothing gobshites.

Anyone I've forgotten can also fuck off.

deep_stoat Wed 8 Jan 11:10, (Answer / reply)

All of the above.

bitterqueen Wed 8 Jan 14:34, (Answer / reply)

Gok fucking Wan. "I'm gay, you look marvellous being fat, and have some of this activia muck" Fuck Off. Fuck Right Off!

lambanana Fri 7 Feb 10:14, (Answer / reply)

Ethnic minorities and gays. I'm just bored of being sold the idea that they're just like us.

7zark7 Sat 11 Jan 16:46, (Answer / reply)

Miranda, Ricky cunting Gervais, Eammon Holmes, James Nesbitt, Alexander Armstrong, Stephen Fry, Adrian Chiles, David Cameron, Michael Gove, Boris fucking Johnson, Gideon Osborne - unless, of course he is gakked up to the gills, Ed Miliband, Holyoaks, The Royal family and John Humphreys.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Wed 8 Jan 3:54, (Answer / reply)

All of stoat's basically plus Fiona Phillips. I know she's worked her way down to the Peoples Lottery but the only time I'll be happy is when her smug, self satisfied, "I love Alan Johnston," face is never seen on my TV again and her career is in ashes.

roger_mycock Thu 9 Jan 7:16, (Answer / reply)

I don't care as long as it's not this fucking QOTD or should that be QOTFY

sec Tue 25 Mar 20:55, (Answer / reply)

Jessie J, Kirstie Allsop, Jennie Falconer, any Kardashian, Charlie Brooker, Brucie - does that equal 10? Can this be my deadpool entry as well?

babycatboy Fri 10 Jan 9:16, (Answer / reply)


majicman Thu 20 Feb 1:10, (Answer / reply)

Peaches Geldof

arch_crippledick Thu 10 Apr 12:09, (Answer / reply)

Who's sorry now ...

homejames Tue 11 Mar 0:55, (Answer / reply)

It's almost 2015 ffs

shagpile_perm Mon 14 Apr 9:23, (Answer / reply)

hack_daniels Wed 8 Jan 18:20, (Answer / reply)

That annoying one in the corner of the screen, grinning like a mong and waving their arms around

car_snow_gin Fri 14 Feb 14:16, (Answer / reply)

Sarah Millican, Louis Walsh, Christopher Biggins, TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Made in Chelsea & Garth fucking Crooks

whats_the_beef_chief Wed 8 Jan 11:05, (Answer / reply)

people who work in tv, mainly.

__________ Wed 8 Jan 21:10, (Answer / reply)


mrsix Thu 16 Jan 12:58, (Answer / reply)

Noel Edmonds.

mike_lush Fri 17 Jan 10:01, (Answer / reply)


lennie Wed 15 Jan 19:40, (Answer / reply)

Difficult to predict. Last year it was that fat-jawed fuckwitt Jack Whitehall, previously it was comedy-vacuum Sarah Millican. No doubt some impish jester is being literally groomed as we speak, and by all accounts it appears to be this hapless clown :

fayekorgazm Wed 8 Jan 11:33, (Answer / reply)

Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Dave Lee Travis, Max Clifford, Stuart Hall and Piers Morgan.

Nah, only kidding, just Piers Morgan.

scat_man Wed 8 Jan 0:47, (Answer / reply)

Admittedly I didn't see anything of Kathe Lette on TV in 2013, but if I could see any less of her in 2014, I'd be happy.

arch_stanton Mon 13 Jan 11:56, (Answer / reply)

Every single witless harridan that bleats on about women being under-represented on 'comedy' panel shows; particularly the cum-curdling trinity of Caitlin Moran, Grace Dent and Miranda. Mind you, I don't live in the UK, so I can avoid the unfunny cunts quite easily.

father_gadd Fri 10 Jan 14:33, (Answer / reply)

curlywurly Thu 9 Jan 14:57, (Answer / reply)

Your mum

fascifuckinating Fri 14 Feb 15:38, (Answer / reply)

Eamonn Holmes.

homejames Wed 15 Jan 0:09, (Answer / reply)

Any cunt that tries to present their pitiful fucking hobby as worthy of national attention, or as being in some way socially valuable and gets paid to do it on my fucking telly. Fuck off Gareth Malone you fucking virgin cunt. Stefan gates, go fuck yourself you smug tedious "ooh aren't I clever" cunt. Stop playing with your food and die. IT'S A HOBBY. IT HAS NO GREATER CULTURAL RELEVANCE. IT DOES NOT IMPROVE PEOPLE OR SOCIETY. GET FUCKING HOMELESS THE LOT OF YOU AND DIE IN THE FUCKING FLOODS.

spank_daley Wed 8 Jan 12:37, (Answer / reply)