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Who should be a Popbitch untouchable?

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Makes Cameron look pathetic

rogermoore Mon 21 Sep 21:58, (Answer / reply)

Robert Plant, Jason Issacs, Peter Capaldi & these two.

roger_mycock Thu 24 Sep 6:41, (Answer / reply)

Clare Balding.

cover_me Fri 25 Sep 15:29, (Answer / reply)

mike_hunt Mon 5 Oct 22:21, (Answer / reply)

deep_stoat Mon 21 Sep 12:01, (Answer / reply)

Warrington's finest and best named comedian.

soapy_handerton Mon 21 Sep 17:19, (Answer / reply)

Jimmy Savile, just to be edgy.

7zark7 Fri 25 Sep 6:53, (Answer / reply)

Wendy James

truthy__ Fri 25 Sep 15:58, (Answer / reply)

The soapy looking bird off that fucking New Look ad.

spank_daley Mon 21 Sep 13:56, (Answer / reply)

Tom Archer and his Cameron Style Pork Sausages

mike_hunt Mon 21 Sep 22:37, (Answer / reply)

whats_the_beef_chief Mon 21 Sep 14:28, (Answer / reply)


homejames Tue 22 Sep 23:19, (Answer / reply)

Konnie Huq, if only for her reaction to this:

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Thu 24 Sep 16:32, (Answer / reply)

The Bavarian Potato Marketing Board The "Hot Potato 2015" calendar features

"Twelve young women place the tuber in scene. Time bathing in golden chips, sometimes nibbling crunchy roast potatoes, sometimes in pose of royal or airy clothed in the field."

trellis Wed 30 Sep 17:56, (Answer / reply)

ok, vida guerra then

__________ Thu 24 Sep 22:36, (Answer / reply)

Jackie Collins. *glares at philanderer poster*

thegingerprince Mon 21 Sep 12:37, (Answer / reply)

Quide liderally, made.

thatevilwoman Mon 28 Sep 13:41, (Answer / reply)

Who is the most famous person on your fuck tree?

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Who is your hero, and why?

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Who should be a Popbitch untouchable?

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