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Who else should have a sex change, and what would their new name be?

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he'd become Eawomonn Holmes.

mrsix Mon 11 Aug 12:54, (Answer / reply)

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos should get a sex change so that my fancying him would feel less confusing. He can keep the name. And the beard.

bathwithkirsty Tue 12 Aug 9:48, (Answer / reply)

andy mauresmo has a certain ring to it.

car_snow_gin Mon 11 Aug 17:34, (Answer / reply)

Robyn Williams (too soon?)

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Tue 12 Aug 18:25, (Answer / reply)
I'd nominate the BBC News defence correspondent

Something feminine perhaps, Caroline or something.

spank_daley Mon 11 Aug 14:07, (Answer / reply)

Abu Hamza- to be known as Minky Shagpile, naked & oiled.

whats_the_beef_chief Wed 13 Aug 10:06, (Answer / reply)

Your Dad. Your Mum.

bitterqueen Mon 11 Aug 17:03, (Answer / reply)

New name - James Charles Harries

mike_hunt Wed 13 Aug 17:10, (Answer / reply)

Vladimir Putin should become Emily Watson.

plasticflamingo Wed 13 Aug 10:56, (Answer / reply)

Melanie Phillips, but I'm not sure she can be less of a cunt.

deep_stoat Tue 12 Aug 9:51, (Answer / reply)

Sebastien Chabal will become Orangatanya...the hairiest tronz ever.

dawnsyndrome Mon 18 Aug 8:32, (Answer / reply)

Laurie Hughes?

majicman Thu 14 Aug 15:40, (Answer / reply)

Marc Almond to Martha Allcunt.

(I actually like Marc)

edmor Wed 13 Aug 20:17, (Answer / reply)

Danny Dyer to Danni Dyer

lennie Mon 11 Aug 11:48, (Answer / reply)

What competition should be added to the Commonwealth Games to perk it up a bit?

(Threaded) (Answer / reply)

Who else should have a sex change, and what would their new name be?

(Threaded) (Answer / reply)