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Blagging week: What's the best or worst thing you ever blagged for free and how did you do it?

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I once drunkenly walked past a large outdoor college ball. More for a laugh than anything else I walked up to the main gate and told them I was Galliano's manager and I was running really fucking late. The stupid cunts didn't kick me out but rather rushed me and my mate straight in for a night of free drink and trying to touch women.
Students, thick as fuck.

deep_stoat Tue 25 Aug 9:44, (Answer / reply)

When I was an altar boy, the priest once let me eat a few (unconsecrated) wafers as they were going to be chucked out otherwise. There's some other murky memory in there too. Something to do with hotdogs.

curlywurly Tue 25 Aug 8:08, (Answer / reply)

Best - a racehorse, a bay colt with a distinctive white blaze from Ireland. Tasted lovely with potato waffles

Worst - some cold tapas from a bar in Praia da Luz. The horse was tastier

thatevilwoman Tue 25 Aug 14:14, (Answer / reply)

When I was at college, we had a massive outdoor ball. This weird guy, pissed and wearing skintight silver leather knickerbockers, red velvet cowboy boots, a string vest and a purple tifter, turned up claiming to Galliano's manager. I don't know why - we hadn't even booked Galliano. Anyway, we let him in for amusement value and, whilst he was trying to touch the bums of the transvestite CanCan troop we'd hired, I lifted his wallet. No money; but a signed photograph of Sir Jingle Jangle with a personal message scrawled on the back: 'Thanks for all the blowjobs. Love, Jim.'. I got GBP3.50 for it on Ebay...

plasticflamingo Fri 28 Aug 7:28, (Answer / reply)

Best:- Your Mum

Worst:- Your Mum

2 litre bottle of White Lightening.

kerching Mon 24 Aug 16:40, (Answer / reply)

Many years ago, me and mate got on to the grid at Silverstone just before the Grand Prix. We had one pass between the two of us and it showed the picture of a German gentleman racer from one of the support events who looked like nothing like us. It seemed at one point like one of the marshals had sussed us but then JJ Lehto (who my mate had worked with.) walked up and called my friend "a fucking wanker" with a big smile on his face, so the marshal thought better of it and walked away.

roger_mycock Wed 26 Aug 8:41, (Answer / reply)

A looooooong time ago when it was sort of kind of okay to wear Calvin Klein, I used to get a massive discount from one of their stores. I didn't ask for it. I was just given it by a male shop assistant. The first time he gave it to me, he told me, and I looked at him surprised and said 'oh thanks' and he looked back at me like he wanted to sex me a lot. Basically, he fancied the pants off me and I could go in and buy anything and get 40% off. I only ever saw or spoke to him when he served me and gave me the discount.

7zark7 Mon 24 Aug 20:13, (Answer / reply)
Best: Upper Class seats on a flight back from LAX. No idea how.
Worst: A years supply of Matey bubble bath - all 12 bottles of it thanks to entering a competition in a local paper in my younger brothers name.
abitlikeneeson Tue 25 Aug 11:09, (Answer / reply)

Noshed off by some lass in Weymouth who was impressed with my lies that I was Phil Oakey's best mate at school and I could get her tickets for a tour that wasn't happening.

stan2a10shun Wed 26 Aug 12:35, (Answer / reply)

Grand Prix @ Silverstone, VIP passes all weekend & then given tickets & business class flight to Singapore GP. I gave his company the contract.

whats_the_beef_chief Thu 27 Aug 17:49, (Answer / reply)

i used to organise competitions for several high street retailers' websites. i won every single one of them.

__________ Mon 24 Aug 20:52, (Answer / reply)

Back in the early 90s we found a nice charity friendly cycle importer who believed our fairly unconvincing 'cut stick and photocopy' paperwork that said a few of us were cycling to South Africa and happily loaned us our entire kit list. I still have the GT Spin trispoke wheels on one of my MTBs, these were GBP1000 a set back in the 90s.

soapy_handerton Wed 26 Aug 13:49, (Answer / reply)

an online art gallery gave me a (now very expensive) test piece for a print for free because they thought I was someone else.

thegingerprince Wed 26 Aug 18:20, (Answer / reply)

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Blagging week: What's the best or worst thing you ever blagged for free and how did you do it?

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