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Be honest, what's the worst record in your record collection? (

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Fitting the largest number of raw brussels sprouts up my arse.

spank_daley Mon 27 Oct 13:33, (Answer / reply)

Jools Holland & Friends. Bought pissed.

whats_the_beef_chief Mon 27 Oct 12:12, (Answer / reply)

All the Acid Jazz.

bathwithkirsty Tue 28 Oct 15:35, (Answer / reply)

Whigfield - Saturday Night. Worse, its the extended mix. Just don't even ask.

roger_mycock Tue 28 Oct 19:58, (Answer / reply)

scat_man Mon 27 Oct 16:41, (Answer / reply)

You have to go a long way to beat Bayreuth tenor Peter Hoffmann's tilt at rock n roll.

plasticflamingo Mon 27 Oct 12:33, (Answer / reply)

It's by Oasis. Played it once. Really must send it to a charity shop.

bitterqueen Tue 28 Oct 21:34, (Answer / reply)

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and Vanilla Ice. Although it seems disingenuous to refer to them as 'worst' as I actually quite like them - especially Vanilla Ice. I'd say I'm more ashamed by the Jesus Jones and Gorillaz albums.

7zark7 Mon 27 Oct 21:00, (Answer / reply)

Geoff Love and his Orchestra: Big Terror Movie Themes. It's shit.

stan2a10shun Tue 28 Oct 21:26, (Answer / reply)

Almost everything I bought between 1990 and 2000. What the fuck was I thinking?

deep_stoat Mon 27 Oct 17:53, (Answer / reply)

mount_st_nobody Thu 30 Oct 13:50, (Answer / reply)

For America by Redbox

When I worked as a special needs teacher in Brixton my students really, REALLY liked it. It calmed them down no end.

dawnsyndrome Mon 27 Oct 11:01, (Answer / reply)

Suggestions for the best way to break out of prison please.

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Who is the most famous person on your fuck tree?

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Be honest, what's the worst record in your record collection? (

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