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What's the worst thing you've ever been caught doing?

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Your mum, obnov

scat_man Mon 2 Mar 11:50, (Answer / reply)

Got caught shagging my Mums best friend at my Mums 40th birthday party, by my Mum.

whats_the_beef_chief Tue 3 Mar 20:23, (Answer / reply)

Getting my step-daughter to do a line of coke off my cock while I did a line off her twin sister's tits by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families, but it was all ok because being a Roman Catholic it is all part of my culutural behaviour and to question it would be insensitive.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Wed 4 Mar 11:49, (Answer / reply)

posting on bob pitch.

thegingerprince Tue 3 Mar 16:00, (Answer / reply)

Having a wank in a lift in Spain when I was 14.

bathwithkirsty Wed 4 Mar 16:29, (Answer / reply)

Playing for Sunderland

mrsix Mon 2 Mar 18:38, (Answer / reply)

Taking a shit in Noel from Hear'says washing machine one New Years Eve. It was a response to how crap the party was.

soapy_handerton Mon 2 Mar 22:11, (Answer / reply)

Recently, doing my best Al Green impression singing along to "Tired Of Being Alone," at work on a Sunday morning when I thought I was on my own. I wasn't. In the dim past, shoving a couple of bangers through some strangers bathroom window. He wasn't pleased.

roger_mycock Wed 4 Mar 12:11, (Answer / reply)

Tania Gregory.

deep_stoat Mon 2 Mar 10:52, (Answer / reply)

Searching for "Silvia Saint anal" porn on the interweb by a then client. We went to my desk after a meeting to check on something or other, and as I entered "si.." into the toolbar my previous search displayed. We all pretended it hadn't happened, but the colleagues present all saw it (and cunted me off) so ya know.

spank_daley Mon 2 Mar 15:55, (Answer / reply)

Worst thing caught - my penile frenulum in a coarse-toothed fly zip. Worst thing doing - removing said frenulum from zip.

mike_hunt Wed 4 Mar 10:19, (Answer / reply)

Tax evasion, fixing Libor rates and multiple Ponzi schemes. Luckily they're not "crime" crimes, as the chaps from HMRC concurred when I took them out for dinner.

bubastis Tue 3 Mar 17:38, (Answer / reply)

Putting make up on my Gran's cat.

dawnsyndrome Mon 2 Mar 13:28, (Answer / reply)

Sum up your life in a song title

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What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

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What's the worst thing you've ever been caught doing?

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