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What's YOUR breakfast of champions?

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Bees. Washed down with a hammer. I am a man.

mount_st_nobody Thu 24 Jul 10:58, (Answer / reply)

Steak & Eggs and black velvet.

babycatboy Tue 22 Jul 13:24, (Answer / reply)

A blowjob, followed by a mug of coffee and a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel to get rid of the taste.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Tue 22 Jul 12:32, (Answer / reply)

Bacon, eggs and self loathing.

deep_stoat Tue 22 Jul 9:19, (Answer / reply)

A quick wank and then an hour of Homes Under The Hammer.

webmong Mon 21 Jul 22:07, (Answer / reply)

Then: It was a good hard shag, followed by the remnants of the previous nights chilli pizza.

Now: A "you must be bloody joking" from my wife followed by a cup of tea, if I haven't crippled myself on discarded lego bricks on the way to the kitchen.

Rock & Fucking Roll

mongus_maximus Tue 22 Jul 14:59, (Answer / reply)

Some cereal. Or possibly toast.

stan_ogdens_nutgone_flake Thu 24 Jul 11:42, (Answer / reply)

Four-shot iced espresso; two red marlboros; never start actual work till 0930. Cocaine up the bum is good too, but it's just not terribly practical these days...

john_lewis_partnership Mon 21 Jul 22:56, (Answer / reply)

BITD it was a breakfast of champignons. Shrooms to get the day off to a giggly start.

powermaster Thu 24 Jul 9:52, (Answer / reply)

This Irish builder who frequents a London cottage early in the morning. He could feed a family of four.

7zark7 Sat 26 Jul 11:42, (Answer / reply)

vodka. and a cry.

mrsix Wed 23 Jul 8:25, (Answer / reply)

Freshly killed blood.

dawnsyndrome Tue 22 Jul 8:49, (Answer / reply)

Peaches with brown (sugar)

car_snow_gin Wed 23 Jul 12:23, (Answer / reply)

I feast on the flesh of my enemies. That, and Wheatiebangs.

plasticflamingo Fri 25 Jul 16:10, (Answer / reply)

A Wonder Horse steak.

mike_hunt Fri 25 Jul 8:39, (Answer / reply)

A double espresso and a shit. Breakfast in bed isn't so romantic chez Daley.

spank_daley Tue 22 Jul 9:32, (Answer / reply)

These days, simply not waking up with a hangover with a toddler standing on my head. But eggs Benedict and a lot of strong black coffee help.

curlywurly Fri 25 Jul 11:36, (Answer / reply)

Anyone who doesn't think its a Full English is clearly deluded. And the best ones are always served in the greasiest of greasy spoons because when its all you make you are bound to get good at it. Bacon, fried eggs, sausage, mushrooms, fried bread only though. Baked beans are for children and the juice will soften the bread too much. Only French men eat tomatoes with their breakfast. Hash browns are only served by the Americans because they don't know when to stop. And it has to be tea too, not coffee. A Full English should only be served with proper workman's tea, strong enough to stand your tea spoon up in. Then you fire up the Transit and head off to work with TalkSport on the radio and a song in your artery hardening heart.

roger_mycock Fri 25 Jul 7:14, (Answer / reply)

at a guess, waking up to 15-20 youtube links of the rev on a bus.

__________ Mon 21 Jul 20:07, (Answer / reply)

Bacon sarnie, triple espresso & a spliff.

Followed by nothing productive what so ever until Popmaster.

whats_the_beef_chief Mon 21 Jul 21:17, (Answer / reply)

What's your ideal festival line-up and venue?

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What's YOUR breakfast of champions?

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