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What's your best ever meal?

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all you can eat and I was stuffed at the end of it.

thegingerprince Mon 26 Jan 15:06, (Answer / reply)

Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley. Bloody gorgeous, and they even threw in a slice of his famous custard tart as it was my birthday. I am a bit gay for him mind.

spank_daley Mon 26 Jan 13:34, (Answer / reply)

The post coital bacon sandwich my wife brought me on my last birthday.

bathwithkirsty Mon 26 Jan 13:20, (Answer / reply)

Revenge, served cold and washed down with the bitter tears of regret. Or that steak I had in Lisbon.

deep_stoat Mon 26 Jan 15:07, (Answer / reply)

A birthday meal in a now long closed Chinese with my ex-girlfriend. We were the only ones in there and they had already decked the place out for Valentines night and it was like they had done it just for us. (Told this story on here before methinks but I haven't had a better dinner since.)

roger_mycock Wed 28 Jan 20:14, (Answer / reply)

dawnsyndrome Mon 26 Jan 17:20, (Answer / reply)

Roast belly of pork that I was cooked at home last November. If heaven tastes that good I'm not afraid of dying.

cover_me Thu 29 Jan 13:17, (Answer / reply)

Fresh pasta with white truffles & garlic and a bottle of Bramito del Cervo outside on a perfect Sunday afternoon in Orvieto a few years ago comes pretty damn high up the list. Either that or the ratburger & chips I had at Twickenham as I watched a Welsh client choke back the tears after England monstered Wales 65-7 back in 2007. Happy days.

mongus_maximus Wed 28 Jan 14:10, (Answer / reply)

Your mum.

fascifuckinating Tue 27 Jan 10:36, (Answer / reply)

Well, this is all very bob pitch, isn't it?

hack_daniels Thu 29 Jan 22:48, (Answer / reply)

the drizzled peach halves and main of beef cheeks and kipper I had after bathwithkirsty's wife had distracted the simple oaf with a bacon sandwich

thatevilwoman Mon 26 Jan 15:06, (Answer / reply)

Oscar Meyer cheapo bacon sprinkled with Nandos chip sprinkle and some brown sugar before grilling, served on crap processed brioche loaf with ketchup

soapy_handerton Tue 27 Jan 16:44, (Answer / reply)

An Elvis burger served whilst taking a shit

whats_the_beef_chief Tue 27 Jan 13:07, (Answer / reply)

A post pub carb'n'grease fest that is - Chips in Pitta covered in grated cheese from Manzara, Pembridge Road, Notting Hill

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Wed 28 Jan 13:17, (Answer / reply)

Cunt soup

scat_man Mon 26 Jan 11:56, (Answer / reply)

McDonalds or a chicken kebab and chips. Seriously.

7zark7 Thu 29 Jan 21:03, (Answer / reply)

Fish and chips in a pub next to Victoria bus station. It was after inter-railing for three weeks. It was accompanied with the coldest ever cider.

monkeyhat Tue 27 Jan 14:56, (Answer / reply)

Pizza and chips its ace

curlywurly Tue 27 Jan 11:59, (Answer / reply)

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What's your best ever meal?

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