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Who is the most famous person on your fuck tree?

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Jimmy Savile

spank_daley Tue 21 Oct 10:49, (Answer / reply)

Spanks mum obviously.

roger_mycock Tue 21 Oct 19:07, (Answer / reply)

weeble Wed 22 Oct 11:01, (Answer / reply)

Pamela Anderson.

bathwithkirsty Thu 23 Oct 8:29, (Answer / reply)

kevin rowland

__________ Wed 22 Oct 21:22, (Answer / reply)

Fuck leaves and a big, pissed off fuck crow.

deep_stoat Tue 21 Oct 10:07, (Answer / reply)

Eric Clapton, Eddie Murphy, or possibly Tony Todd. Thanks, Christina.

curlywurly Fri 24 Oct 13:06, (Answer / reply)

Listen, I know water melons grow on the ground, on a vine and that, but some irresponsible fucker put a water melon in a tree, with a hole in it, and I fucked it.

Lots of famous people fuck water melons, therefore there was a famous person on my fuck tree.

mike_hunt Tue 21 Oct 20:02, (Answer / reply)

dawnsyndrome Wed 22 Oct 10:17, (Answer / reply)

If a Catholic priest is married to the Church, then God.

bitterqueen Wed 22 Oct 13:06, (Answer / reply)

Kate Moss. Fortunately savlon had been applied by all parties after the coupling, so I did not suffer from scabies.

soapy_handerton Fri 24 Oct 18:03, (Answer / reply)

Are we including finger fucking?

plasticflamingo Thu 23 Oct 13:45, (Answer / reply)

Cyril Smith

mrsix Thu 23 Oct 11:40, (Answer / reply)

Sophie Anderton. No fee paid.

whats_the_beef_chief Thu 23 Oct 14:50, (Answer / reply)

Winona Ryder.. for those of a certain age only Wendy James can top that..

doris Wed 22 Oct 10:46, (Answer / reply)

Gordon Gekko.

cover_me Thu 23 Oct 17:07, (Answer / reply)

Michaela Strachan

majicman Thu 23 Oct 14:34, (Answer / reply)

One of St Winifred's School Choir - many years after her appearance on TOTP

toxicshop Thu 23 Oct 10:11, (Answer / reply)


showmeonthedoll Wed 22 Oct 11:20, (Answer / reply)

Princess Diana. Erm, what's a fuck tree?

scat_man Tue 21 Oct 1:48, (Answer / reply)

Suggestions for the best way to break out of prison please.

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Who is the most famous person on your fuck tree?

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