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What competition should be added to the Commonwealth Games to perk it up a bit?

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Wheelchair pole vault.

spank_daley Mon 28 Jul 8:27, (Answer / reply)

Open it up to countries that can afford food. Malawi are not pushing us hard enough at dressage.

hack_daniels Mon 28 Jul 16:22, (Answer / reply)

they should add a Pro-Celebrity Skullfuck

mrsix Mon 28 Jul 11:13, (Answer / reply)


stan_ogdens_nutgone_flake Tue 29 Jul 13:27, (Answer / reply)


mrs_ivy_trellis Mon 28 Jul 8:56, (Answer / reply)

Gorilla and Lady Gorilla wrasslin'

dawnsyndrome Mon 28 Jul 18:49, (Answer / reply)

The 200m don't give a fuck

lennie Tue 29 Jul 12:54, (Answer / reply)

Competitive Putin telling-off. Putin stands in the middle of a room. A world leader stands opposite. They say Putin's actions are completely unacceptable, and they do not condone what he's done at all. The judges confer. Points are awarded for looking angry and serious. Points are deducted for saying anything which could be understood as having any meaning or intention. The scores are not read out. The world leaders and Putin go to dinner together.

bubastis Mon 28 Jul 8:07, (Answer / reply)

I think the African Commonwealth countries should have their own sailing competition, racing from Libya to Sicily. The last one to die wins.

7zark7 Mon 28 Jul 23:09, (Answer / reply)


abitlikeneeson Tue 29 Jul 13:50, (Answer / reply)

Pro-Celebrity faux Gaza outrage, winner is decided by who best tweets outrage about the murder of innocent children while maintaining investments and buying products of Israeli companies. Current leader is Joseph Barton esq.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Mon 28 Jul 11:50, (Answer / reply)

What's YOUR breakfast of champions?

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What competition should be added to the Commonwealth Games to perk it up a bit?

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