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Where's the most horrible place you've ever been?

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PB parties (various)

thatevilwoman Mon 30 Nov 14:26, (Answer / reply)

'The ABC Bar', Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, September 1994. Aside from the squadrons of HIV+ prostitutes, sub-teens carrying Kalashnikovs and mild threat of kidnapping, rape and death (or all three, if you were lucky), the toilet in this place constituted of a squat pan which was backed-up and brim-full of active, bubbling fecal liquid. Pissing 'into' the Caramac-coloured lake was pretty much fun, but the best bit were the streams of anal detritus fired up the walls and the solitary, dried-up wafer of shit attached to the overhead 60W lightbulb. Trainspotting and 'The Worst Toilet in Scotland' had nothing on this. It was Nimitz-Class vileness.

stan2a10shun Mon 30 Nov 22:59, (Answer / reply)
Cape Verde "The new celebrity hotpost",

I went there before hearing of the sobriquet, that would have made me decide elsewhere however if the; wild dogs on the beach, being incessantly bit by swarms of sand flies, the racist hotel staff, the cost of everything (nothing grows there so needs importing) and the dilapidated state of everything doesn't put you off the fact that "katie Price, Daniella Lloyd and Kerry Katona are regular visitors" should.

whitemaninhammersmithpalais Mon 30 Nov 13:18, (Answer / reply)
Obvious answer is ... Your Mum

North Wales on a wet cold sunday afternoon runs a mass grave in Baghdad pretty close.

kerching Sat 28 Nov 14:04, (Answer / reply)


bubastis Mon 30 Nov 9:01, (Answer / reply)

Me....oh, you asked HAVE been to.

arch_crippledick Mon 30 Nov 13:33, (Answer / reply)

Leeds, thankfully the train didn't stop for long.

mrsix Mon 30 Nov 18:44, (Answer / reply)

Erith at 3am on a Sunday.

plasticflamingo Mon 30 Nov 13:03, (Answer / reply)

Leigh Park. Urgh. Just don't.

cover_me Mon 30 Nov 20:20, (Answer / reply)


abitlikeneeson Mon 30 Nov 11:49, (Answer / reply)

"Great" Yarmouth

halfmanhalfninja Mon 30 Nov 13:40, (Answer / reply)

Which celebrity would you most like to flatshare with?

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Dead, alive, or somewhere in between, who would play in your ideal summer festival lineup?

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Where's the most horrible place you've ever been?

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