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Who is on your snog, marry, avoid list?

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Minky and Shagpile oiled up obvs,your Mum, Deep Stoat

kerching Wed 29 Jul 11:47, (Answer / reply)

PunkGirl; Belinda; RichJohnson.

pink_oboe Tue 28 Jul 15:14, (Answer / reply)

Jane Asher, Linda, Pegleg *thumbs aloft*

thatevilwoman Tue 28 Jul 10:55, (Answer / reply)

rafe, your mum, the horse with a swastika

sec Mon 27 Jul 21:18, (Answer / reply)

Kirk Stevens, Cliff Thorburn, Bill Werbernuik

thatevilwoman Tue 28 Jul 14:43, (Answer / reply)

Jon Hamm, Jon Hamm and not Jon Hamm.

7zark7 Wed 29 Jul 6:05, (Answer / reply)

Your mum.

fascifuckinating Mon 27 Jul 17:38, (Answer / reply)

My Mum

scat_man Mon 27 Jul 20:35, (Answer / reply)

Winona, Winona and, sadly, Winona.

deep_stoat Tue 28 Jul 8:51, (Answer / reply)

Rhianna, Salma Hayek, Fiona Phillips.

whats_the_beef_chief Tue 28 Jul 13:44, (Answer / reply)

auntie_betty poster (obv), Sarah Chalke and Harriet Harman.

roger_mycock Wed 29 Jul 13:44, (Answer / reply)

Lord Sewel's whore, Lord Sewel's whore and Lord Sewel's whore.

mike_hunt Wed 29 Jul 1:00, (Answer / reply)

what's the most pointless news story published online today?

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What app would you like to see designed?

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Who is on your snog, marry, avoid list?

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