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You have to outline a porn film starring Piers Morgan... what happens?

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"Two Girls One Piers" Morgan stars in the role previous occupied by the cup.

anal_greed Thu 26 Jan 9:46, (Answer / reply)

Co-star agrees to do it for twenty quid . . .

jpeasmoldgruntfuttock Wed 8 Feb 10:22, (Answer / reply)

Easy: It would be one of those niche ones where a man (viz. Morgan, Piers) is kicked hard, and repeatedly, in the knackers.

Usually (I gather, it's not my cup of tea) it's a girl with nice shoes what gives the shoeing, but I'd cast well known rugby footballer Johnny Wilkinson in the role.

hack_daniels Wed 25 Jan 21:50, (Answer / reply)

Seeing as its fiction, he gets sent down for hacking phones and generally being a total cunt. In prison Big Harry decides to smash all of Piers' teeth in so that when Pier's gets his mouth fucked he can't scrape Big Harry's cock. Morgan is fed a constant diet of Ketamine to make his arse looser than Jordan's cunt and his fisted, with large wooden objects known as a Barrymore.

kerching Sun 29 Jan 9:33, (Answer / reply)

Oh, I'd just let Owen Jones fist him.

plasticflamingo Thu 2 Feb 11:57, (Answer / reply)

Piers' Polar Pear Prostate Party - Piers Morgan sits by himself in a room and tries to insert frozen pears into his arsehole. And films it.

curlywurly Fri 27 Jan 16:33, (Answer / reply)

Nobody comes...

webmong Fri 27 Jan 14:38, (Answer / reply)

Piers Morgan sits in an office at the Daily Mirror, wanks himself off onto a dead girl's phone and compromises a police investigation.

mrsix Thu 26 Jan 16:45, (Answer / reply)

Something which would be only possibly available on the dark net.

stan2a10shun Mon 30 Jan 11:40, (Answer / reply)

He refuses to wear the gimp mask.

bodneyrewes Thu 26 Jan 7:40, (Answer / reply)

You have to outline a porn film starring Piers Morgan... what happens?

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