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Write a limerick about Islamic State

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There was a young man from Southall,

Who flew to Syria to answer the call,

Till a US airstrike,

Switched out his light,

And he discovered there're no virgins waiting at all.

car_snow_gin Thu 25 Sep 14:14, (Answer / reply)

The murdering bastards called ISIS

Put the rest of the world into crisis

But with Barma and Dave

Good Cristyunz is saved

And thousands of Muslims will die(sis)

stan2a10shun Fri 26 Sep 20:17, (Answer / reply)

there once was a limerick about Islamic state,

sadly it wasn’t that great,

the twat what wrote it,

really was a bit shit,

but at least he knew how to rhyme, mate.

stan_ogdens_nutgone_flake Mon 29 Sep 20:39, (Answer / reply)

Some nutters called Islamic State, Are trying to set up their own caliphate, They won't be sated, Till we're all decapitated, And no infidels are left for them to hate.

arch_crippledick Thu 25 Sep 14:33, (Answer / reply)

There was a devout man from Nantucket

You do the math

lennie Thu 25 Sep 16:45, (Answer / reply)

Write a limerick about Islamic State

(Threaded) (Answer / reply)