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What should Apple release next?

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The iHounds.

martinqblank Thu 11 Sep 14:34, (Answer / reply)

Cthulhu Instanews on your iCunt

Mostly about disasters, war, famine, plague and celebrities (no sport, sorry).

dawnsyndrome Wed 10 Sep 8:52, (Answer / reply)

Well they must have invented the I-TimeMachine on the quiet because with a digital watch and U2 album being launched on the same day, its clearly Christmas morning 1984.

roger_mycock Wed 10 Sep 12:29, (Answer / reply)

Who fucking gives a flying fucking fuck?

bubastis Sat 13 Sep 14:22, (Answer / reply)

A very slightly smaller / bigger iPhone

curlywurly Wed 10 Sep 8:49, (Answer / reply)

A profits warning

jockmatty Thu 11 Sep 6:26, (Answer / reply)

7zark7 Fri 12 Sep 19:51, (Answer / reply)

David Haines. Al-Qaeda were a walk in the park compared to these iSil bastards.

spank_daley Wed 10 Sep 8:35, (Answer / reply)

The I-watch looks like something a simpleton child would have 'invented' in the 1970s by sticking a tic-tac box on a used cat collar - with gloy.

bonaparteshandy Thu 11 Sep 0:52, (Answer / reply)

Speaking as an investor I think they should release some of their $164.5 billion cash pile to shareholders and increase my wealth.

powermaster Thu 11 Sep 9:25, (Answer / reply)

The iCon

mount_st_nobody Wed 10 Sep 10:38, (Answer / reply)


__________ Mon 15 Sep 18:36, (Answer / reply)

The Mary Hopkin Anthology........oh!

majicman Sun 14 Sep 21:40, (Answer / reply)

What should Apple release next?

(Threaded) (Answer / reply)