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Who do you hate at work?

22 replies

thebestnameshavegone 0:00, reply

Being unemployed, them cunts at the Job Centre.

homejames 16:01, reply

The fucking lazy bitch on my team, who was appointed after being 'highly recommended because she's very experienced'. She doesn't stop talking about all the great things she has achieved and how she has worked so hard to get to where she is and yet shows no talent or ability to get any work done. She gets in late, takes long lunches, and then goes home early. She avoids important meetings because she has to meet a friend. She is thick as shit and can hardly string a sentence together when she's writing a brief or letter. I have to tidy up all her mistakes and then she tries to take credit for the good work. She has been fishing for a permanent position in my department but fortunately I have a couple of friends in high-ish places and have planted enough seeds to ensure she's out n her arse at the end of January. The fucking bitch. I just want to punch her in the face every time she opens her mouth. What was the question again?

7zark7 22:31, reply

Danny Baker

edmor 19:36, reply

Steve. We *know* he's a "nullo" but he uses this as a screensaver FFS

qm 14:54, reply

The thick-as-pigshit Scouser girl with the figure like a stack of Yorkshire puddings. Partly because she's a less-than-casual racist arse but mainly because she's a Scouser.

trellis 12:50, reply

Your mum.

fascifuckinating 12:40, reply

Butler - I 'ate him,, and i'll get him oneday *shakes fist*

toast_not_ghosts 12:38, reply

Working from home and thus being somewhat reliant on a decent interspazz connection, I spend too much time swearing at my internet provider for being a bunch of useless tosswanding cockspanners as their intermittent fault on my line can't be fixed 'cos there is nothing to fix'.

cover_me 12:10, reply

I once had a boss who was the most odious, loathsome revolting obnoxious knobhead I have ever met. Everything about him was upsetting. He said chardonneeay, he picked his nose and ate the contents, he bullied us to work late and left early, he was insecure, illiterate, an evangelical Christian, a hanger-on, a rumour-monger, married an 18-year old he'd been going out with for three years, grew a goatee. Then he died. The lesson: we all have a finite amount of cuntery in us, don't use it all up at once.

toxicshop 11:51, reply

Until I walked out two weeks ago I worked for such a panful of cunt soup, it's a little tricky to decide between the racist ex-army cunt (sample line, "The sugar refinery is closed because you Kurds don't know how to use it? You make poison gas, but not sugar?" Both inaccurate and wonderfully offensive) or the hopeless tit of my manager who melted into shouty foot-stamping when asked a question he was not fond of...but the real labia in the soup are the owners...the chap is particularly lovely, he murdered his first wife on account of her refusing a divorce. It's fair to say that I have no idea how I lasted 18 months with them.

father_gadd 11:42, reply

Everyone else. True outside of work as well.

ashleyjwilliams 11:17, reply

don't know the cunt's name but we call him Alfred Naecock (from the side he looks like...well..) and his mate Griselda. they work in finance and they're both despicable. I've often considered sticking his pen up my arse when I'm in early and then putting it back on his desk.

thegingerprince 10:49, reply

Heh. We've missed ya yer durty ole fule *gissa a hug*

trellis 12:06, reply

My supervisor, why does she keep reminding me to say "Do you want fries with that"? If they wanted fucking chips they'd ask for chips, and by the way where is the vinegar, bitch?

whitemaninhammersmithpalais 10:17, reply

There's Donald in Finance, Lorna the Contractor and Nicola in Governance. But if I had to choose just one of them it'd have to be Nicola - she's a complete pain in the arse and incredibly whiny.

monkeyhat 10:13, reply

all the former Tory aides and Radio1 DJs, always coming into the Care Home fiddling with the Children...

mrsix 9:53, reply


deep_stoat 9:34, reply

Everyone except the cleaner, and he's a cunt. And being the boss I pay these worthless dribbling cunts to ruin my each and every day.

spank_daley 8:46, reply

I'm the boss so no one. Their feelings towards me are less clear.

bathwithkirsty 8:45, reply

No one. I have seen them all off.

my_how_the_twins_have_grown 8:28, reply

Mostly everyone to be honest, but there is a cunt of a man who wears a stripey tie with ill manners who I would happily punch in the face for eternity

whats_the_beef_chief 7:26, reply

Surprisingly, given my previous answers to this question, no one. Most of them at my current place are actually quite pleasant.

roger_mycock 7:11, reply