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Oh piss, we've run out of QOTDs again. Can you suggest some good ones please, and theme weeks? Thanks.

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thebestnameshavegone 0:00, reply

Food Week!

What is the best sandwich filling?
What did you have for breakfast?
What are you having for your tea/dinner/supper (delete as appropriate to your poshness/northernness)?
You have set up a celeb themed restaurant - what are the dishes?
What food have you tried but would never eat again?
tamara_bumpdeeay 18:39, reply

2012 - a good year for tracksuits?

bint 17:20, reply

If you had the chance to devise a series of questions to pose to webmongs, what would they be?

weeble 14:30, reply

What are you doing in my house?/Name Rebbekah Brooks' ideal sex pest cellmate./Everything's shit, isn't it?

plasticflamingo 10:58, reply

What's your favourite power tool? Who would you attack with a power tool and which power tool? Who is the most powerful tool you've ever worked with/for? Snog/marry/avoid - drill/sander/router? You've a nail gun with three nails in it; who would you crucify?

bitterqueen 17:37, reply

Hell week: If you were going to hell, who would you take with you in your handcart? Describe your own personal hell. If you could send a celebrity to hell who would it be and why? New Year and all that, who should become a PB untouchable?

Picture Week: The picture that best describes your last weekend/monday morning/friday afternoon/childhood/last relationship/hopes for the future/spirit guide.

Education Week: What is the best thing you've learned in the last year? What do you wish you had known when you were younger? What do you think we most need to learn? What can the internet teach us? Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Book week: What book did you find unexpectedly erotic? Who would voice the audiobook of your biography? What was your favourite book when you were a child?

Sense Week: What would you most miss looking at if you woke up completely blind? What memory do you most treasure? "You would never know it to look at me but...", What is your favourite smell and what does it remind you of?

cover_me 17:08, reply

Lynn Faulds Wood, True or False?

mrsix 15:45, reply

Who looks creepier than the Olsen twin boyfriend?

Who is a friend of Dorothy?

What celeb should endorse swimming nose plugs?

What celeb should endorse swimming arm bands?

Who wants to buy my wife?

Who wants to buy my husband?

What is the best thing you've stolen?

Marks and Spencers- past their sell by date?

our price; kwik save; which national chain is next?

lambanana 15:11, reply

PB in Government Week

1)whats the most ludicrous thing you've claimed for on expenses?

2)which minority would you blame everything and why?

3)what's the best way of sacking your best mate whose just fucked the economy?

4)you've fucked the country and filled your bank account, what's the plan to miraculously get re-elected and do it some more?

mrsix 14:30, reply

Today you are editor of your local TV news service, what are today's headlines?

arch_stanton 14:01, reply

Secrets and lies week; tell us the best lie you have got away with? tell us a lie about a celebrity and their habits starting with the phrase "It is of course a complete lie that..."; tells us a celebrities imaginary secret; How would you have Paris and Perez Hilton murdered? Illustrate where necessary.

trellis 13:41, reply

Employment: What's the worst job you've had? Have ever been sacked (what for)? How do you spend your day at work? How bad was your worse boss? What was your first job?

Holidays: Best holiday as a child? Worst holiday as a child? Worst holiday memory? Favourite holiday as an adult? Where must we visit before we die?

School: Favourite teacher(why)? Worst teacher(why)? Do you remember the time when a dog was let loose in the school? Which department had the most alcoholics? Which teacher was most likely to be the peado?

monkeyhat 13:35, reply

What's the most uncomfortable/unpleasant medical procedure you've endured while conscious?

arch_crippledick 13:25, reply

Things were better in the seventies week: Why is all modern pop just noise? Who the fuck are these fake-tanned morons and why should I care? Why are teenagers so fucking serious these days? Why don't young girls find old men in tracksuits attractive any more?

bathwithkirsty 12:31, reply

FFS what do you think we pay you for?? eh eh I dont buy a dog and wag my own get on with it weasels

bubbleboy 12:11, reply

Cast the top ten roles in Popbitch The Movie

pink_oboe 11:50, reply

Name ten people you're pretty sure are paedophiles.

Which overused Internet phrases annoy you the most? That is all.

deep_stoat 11:35, reply

If you had a time machine, where and when would you go?

curlywurly 10:48, reply

DIY Death List Name 10 Celebrities you would like to see executed

Who do you want to fuck?

Why is everyone so fucking miserable

If you could be abused by a celebrity...who would you choose

Which PB Poster is the biggest cunt?

Which personality do you think is a secret Nazi?

whats_the_beef_chief 10:47, reply

petsco 10:00, reply

theme: film remakes with your nomination for changed characters (Fatal Attraction: Dave & Nick, Falling Down: Lilo etc.).

spank_daley 9:43, reply

What politicians should be de-selected in 2013?

What UK comedians will be arrested in 2013?

What is the best Italian (and or Chinese) restaurant in London?

What is the best dating site (and for what purposes)?

handrearedboy 17:53, reply