The Sunday Sport Style Guide

For a newspaper that never seems to let a front page go by without using the word ‘bellend’, you’d have thought that hacks at the Sunday Sport would know what the in-house style was by now. But apparently not.

The editor of the Sunday Sport sent a rather angry email out to his employees yesterday, making sure that they were all swearing correctly and consistently. The threat of disciplinaries was meted out to those who couldn’t follow these simple swearword rules.Want to know how they’re supposed to be swearing? The rules are as follows:
From: Nick Appleyard
Sent: 23 July 2014 13:25
To: All-Departments
Subject: Style GuideSHIT: Full out in copy and in headlines

FUCK: F**k in copy and in headlines

CUNT: C**t in copy and headlines

WANK: Full out in copy, w**k in headlines

TWAT: Full out in copy, tw*t in headlines

COCK: Full out in copy and in headlines

BOLLOCKS: Full out in copy and in headlines

BELLEND: One word, full out in copy and headlines