Flight Of Fantasy

Nobody knows happy endings better than John Travolta, so it makes sense that he’d one day write a kids’ book. Yet despite his celebrity and passion for the subject, Propellor One-Way Night Coach was released to a rather muted reception in 1997. It makes for some pretty interesting reading though…

John Travolta’s first (and, to date, only) book is a curious thing. A work of fiction, it’s a rather short affair – 92 small pages of double spaced, large size text. Still, he manages to cram a surprising amount in there.

Naturally, it involves a lot of talk about planes. It also involves a bit of talk about Hollywood and the life of an actor. But, as is the case with any truly masterful writer, the real meat of the story is hidden in the subtext.

Presented, without further comment, are some selections from Propellor One-Way Night Coach: A Fable For All Ages – John Travolta’s kids’ book.

“Knowing that within minutes I would be airborne for the first time was comparable to nothing, including playing doctor with the kids on the block, and that was saying a lot for an eight-year-old.” (pg.1)

“A lot of men didn’t mind a pot belly; it was very sexy to some…” (pg.3)

“I had saved my coins in a floral patterned ladies’ purse.” (pg.5)

“I opened the door to the cockpit anyway. There were three men, facing forward, so they didn’t see me enter.” (pg.12)

“I only caught part of the story one was telling. But it was about some stewardess they had all flown with and how she treated the crew really well and that at the end of some trip to Boston from Washington they were all quite satisfied. Only later did I realize, when I was older, that they were probably referring to sex or something.” (pg.12)

“For some reason the hot dog stand was open even at four in the morning. I wanted two.” / “How could life be any better? An empty airport, four in the morning and two hot dogs.” (pg.19)

“As the captain removed a small pliers out of his flight bag, I asked him if he was married.” (pg.29)

“’The 5.00pm Caravelle service executive flight, men only’. Only a few cities offered this. Denver was one. We couldn’t be on it even if we wanted to.” (pg.34)

“I thought I would faint, a hot dog at 30,000 feet, I couldn’t believe it.” (pg.40)

“If I’m forced to retire before your cameras, I guess I’ll have to give my wings to the young man here.” (pg.41)