The King Of Hearts

And so we say farewell to Paul Daniels, a truly groundbreaking figure at the BBC. A beloved light-entertainer who broke the mould in many ways – most notably, by only attempting to seduce women of legal, consenting age. Rest in peace, you sly fox…

X writes: “Paul Daniels once pulled off the most audacious chat-up move on an ex-girlfriend of mine. She and he were working together on a pantomime one Christmas in my hometown, and Paul and Debbie were hosting a cast and crew dinner in a nearby restaurant.

“After dinner, as the plates were cleared, he leaned over the table and asked my ex if she’d like to see a bit of magic. She said yes, so Paul whipped out his deck.

“Fanning out the cards, he asked her to take one. He then gave her a marker pen and told her to write something on the card – something he couldn’t possibly know – like her PIN, or her phone number. You know. Something like that.

“Sensible enough not to put her PIN on there, but not quick enough to think of anything else, she wrote her phone number on the card.

“Paul made a joke about having a little shuffle, and then proceeded to perform the trick. He made her card jump from the bottom of the pack to the top, had it flip face-up in the middle of the deck, had it appear from thin air etc… For the final part of the trick he made the card disappear completely. She went through the entire pack and it was nowhere to be seen.

“Unless you looked in his trouser pocket.

“No sooner had Paul paid for everyone’s dinner (he was generous like that) she hopped into a cab and her phone buzzed. It was an unknown number. The message read: “Clever, aren’t I?xxx”

“It was not the only message he sent her. It is, however, the only one that feels appropriate to share given the tragic news that he and his family have just received.”