Popbitch Annual 2019!

Pole-dancing otters! Private technology lessons! Princely pizza perverts and parliamentary swingers! It’s been another outstandingly weird year in pop culture – so join us as we bid farewell to it with the Popbitch Annual 2019…

As well as our favourite stories from 2019’s mailouts, the Popbitch Annual also features:

* Swing Vote – Is Michael Gove really a secret swinger? We examine the evidence
* Chimjunctions – Cheryl Fernandez-Cole-Tweedy has her lawyers make some very unusual threats
* Dead Cats Society – Why we should learn the lesson of Max Clifford’s safe
* Royal Blush – Prince Andrew’s interview was bad, but was it Yewtree bad?
…and much, much more besides.

Download it here!

(.pdf, 15MB)

The Popbitch Annual 2019 is completely free to download, but if you did want to buy us a Christmas pint in exchange then we’d accept it gladly. [Chuck us a couple of quid here, if you can…]