The Popbitch Annual 2019!

Pole-dancing otters! Private technology lessons! Princely pizza perverts and parliamentary swingers! It’s been another outstandingly weird year in pop culture – so join us as we bid farewell to it with the Popbitch Annual 2019…

As well as our favourite stories from 2019’s mailouts, the Popbitch Annual also features:

* Swing Vote – Is Michael Gove really a secret swinger? We examine the evidence
* Chimjunctions – Cheryl Fernandez-Cole-Tweedy has her lawyers make some very unusual threats
* Dead Cats Society – Why we should learn the lesson of Max Clifford’s safe
* Royal Blush – Prince Andrew’s interview was bad, but was it Yewtree bad?
…and much, much more besides.

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The Popbitch Annual 2018!

Presidential porn gags! Pube-licking popstars! Human cottonbuds, Bigfoot erotica and champagne breakfasts with Rick Astley! It’s all here in the Popbitch Annual 2018!

As well as our favourite stories from 2018’s mailouts, the Popbitch Annual also features:

* The Cole, Hard Truth A guide to deciphering the truth behind Cheryl Cole reportage
* Taking Care Of Bidness A look at the celebrity side of eBay
* The Biggest Question A deeply detailed investigation into the exact dimensions of Bigfoot’s dick
* The Clean Kill An explainer of one of the tabloid tricks which is landing the some big showbiz stories now that phone-hacking has fallen out of favour

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The Popbitch Annual 2017!

Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get worse, along came the flaming shitheap of 2017: a billion-dollar sequel to 2016 – containing more horror, more dismay and more sex offenders than ever before.

As well as our favourite stories from 2017’s mailouts, the Popbitch Annual also features:

* Phrase Anatomy: A look at how the language of the MailOnline has all grown up
* A Golden Opportunity: We work out the true cost of a Presidential Piss Party
* The Royal Growler: A 20 year retrospective of Diana remembrance
* Inches For Inches: Could this be the next big media scandal to break?

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The Popbitch Annual 2016!

2016 was a banner year for the Grim Reaper, who chose to rob us of some of our most treasured celebs. But rather focus on what we lost, let’s relive some of the year’s nicer moments.

As well as some of our favourite stories of 2016, the Popbitch annual also includes longer reads:
* Latent Registration: Definitive, data-driven proof that Kanye’s career exactly mirrors Freud’s theory of psychosexual development
* The Disrapture: Introducing the four horseman of Silicon Valley who are wreaking apocalyptic terror in modern media
* A Fresh Set Of Eyes: Celebrities are hiring private investigators – to screen their own dates
* Girlfriend In A Comma: The strange syntax around Cheryl Cole’s pregnancy

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The Popbitch Annual 2015!

David Cameron fucked a pig. You didn’t think we wouldn’t let that go unmarked, did you?

As well as some of the best stories we’ve heard this year, we’ve included some of our longer articles too – such as:

* Rock And Royalties: Some of pop music’s biggest perverts are still enjoying a huge audience over in America
* Trash Talk: As more and more websites turn off their comments sections, we explore the benefit of below the line
* Smear Tactics: How did Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott convince the nation that David Cameron fucked a pig?
* Gagged And Rebound: After a brief spell in the legal wilderness, it looks like the trusty old injunction is enjoying a moment in the sun again

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