Club Popbitch // Happy Hours

Happy Hour #7: Schofield

Comprehensively screwing up our holiday plans, the This Morning scandal has caused all sorts of stories to break – so ahead of this week’s Popbitch proper, we wanted to dig into it a bit…

Happy Hour #6: Eurovision with William Lee Adams

Ahead of Saturday’s competition, we talked with Wiwibloggs’ founder and Eurovision expert William Lee Adams about the changing nature of the contest, why the rest of Europe was having a lot more fun than we were for so long and what to look out for this year…

Happy Hour #5: The Beckham-Peltz Wedding

Popbitch’s history with two generations of Beckham laywers

Happy Hour #4: January

Prince Andrew’s Sex Bath, Britney Vigilantes and ITV Liabilities

Happy Hour #3: 2023

A brief chat between the Popbitch editors about some of the stories that bubbled under in 2022 and might boil over in 2023…

Happy Hour #2: Adam Curtis

Ahead of the release of his series Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone, Adam Curtis sits down to talk about the rise of Vladimir Putin, the collapse of communism and two drunk Russian men discussing lemurs

Happy Hour #1: Wagatha Christie

After the evidence has all been heard, we sit down with the Popbitch lawyer, Duncan Lamont, to discuss the details of the greatest celebrity court case of the decade – and are joined by one of the journalists who sat in the court reporters’ seats, Jim Waterson.