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  • A subscribers-only extra newsletter with more weekly stories
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  • Full, free access to our long reads, issue archive and other bits of extra content we get our hands on

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Or you can become a Popbitch VIP and take your place in the inner sanctum. VIPbitch status offers you all the benefits of Club Popbitch, with a special limited edition membership gift, plus a chance to secure ringside access to some of the inner workings of Popbitch HQ.

  • Bring a team of friends as our guests of honour to our live Popbitch Popquizzes (2 x tables a year)
  • Enjoy regular access to virtual member-exclusive Happy Hours, where we invite you behind the scenes with our editors and special guests to get the inside track on the interesting stories in the worlds of pop and bitch
  • A special quarterly Popbitch zine




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Club Popbitch



* The Thursday newsletter
* A second weekly newsletter
* Daily music quiz Mon-Fri
* Monthly downloadable Popbitch Popquizzes




* All Club Popbitch benefits, PLUS
* A welcome gift
* 2x tables per year at the Popbitch Popquiz
* Access to virtual VIPbitch Happy Hours
* A quarterly Popbitch zine

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