Popbitch Popquiz // Apr 30th 2019

Join us for the Popbitch Popquiz on Tuesday 30th April at Smiths of Smithfield – London’s most salacious trivia night. Whether you’re a general knowledge buff, a musical genius or good with your hands, there’s a round for everyone’s strengths at the Popbitch Popquiz. So round up your team and get yourselves booked in. There’s […]

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Popbitch Popquiz // May 14th 2019

Comedian Tom Webb will once again be master of the ceremonies at the Popbitch Popquiz at Smiths Of Smithfield on Tuesday 14th May. Join him and the Popbitch team for a pub quiz quite unlike any other. Puzzles, plasticine, music, trivia – there’s a round for everyone,  even if you’re not a huge pop culture […]

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Popbitch Popquiz // May 28th 2019

The Popbitch Popquiz returns to Smiths Of Smithfield on Tuesday 28th May – so come along and get your hands dirty at London’s most scandalous trivia night. Our host, Tom Webb, will be on hand to lead you through another seven rounds of puzzles, questions and challenges, all with the chance of winning bar tabs, […]

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Private Hire

The Popbitch Popquiz is also available for hire – whether you’ve got a client to entertain, a product to promote, a birthday to enjoy, whatever.

With ten years’ experience of the Popbitch Popquiz, our resident host Tom Webb and the Popbitch team will put together a package tailored to your requirements.

Want more information? Email us: [email protected]