Popbitch Popquiz // Apr 30th 2019

Join us for the Popbitch Popquiz on Tuesday 30th April at Smiths of Smithfield – London’s most salacious trivia night.

Whether you’re a general knowledge buff, a musical genius or good with your hands, there’s a round for everyone’s strengths at the Popbitch Popquiz. So round up your team and get yourselves booked in.

There’s bar tabs, theatre tickets and other prizes to be won!

Popbitch Popquiz Tickets

Tickets are £5 per person (plus 50p processing fee). Team sizes are a maximum of six (larger groups can book, and we will sit you together – but you will need to break yourselves up into smaller teams to make things fair).

The bar and kitchen will be serving throughout, but make sure you arrive in plenty of time to order your drinks and food before the quiz starts at 7:30pm.

NB This is a paperless event – so you won’t receive any tickets. When your booking is placed, you will automatically have a table reserved for you and your name placed on the door, so all you need to do is turn up. If you wish to talk to us about your booking, or confirm anything in advance, please email [email protected]