‘Not For Publication’

In 2016, during the height of the PJS v News Group Newspapers injunction story, we got a rather heavy handed legal letter from notorious law firm Carter-Ruck – in response to an article we wrote on the well established in-jokes of injunction reporting.

In order to present that legal letter to you, our readers, we had to be a little sneaky in our methods – adapting a chunk of the letter into a legitimate work of art, so that we could sidestep issues of copyright under exemptions for artistic license.

The result was “Not For Publication (2016)” – a paper-and-printer ink mixed media work.

We’ve since made some limited edition prints of it, so if you want to own a bit of Popbitch history, you now can. Originally £20 for a signed, hand-numbered print – you can now get your hands on one for just £10, which will help bolster our legal funds.

Ltd Edition Print

NB: We’ll start sending them out the week commencing February 18th.