Popbitch Popquiz // Silver Edition

To help bring a bit of filth and frivolity to your evenings in self isolation, we’ve put together some special quarantine editions of the legendary Popbitch Popquiz.

A standalone quiz contains five rounds of questions, one activity round and two puzzle pages to be completed at teams’ leisure – eight rounds in total – and costs just £5.

Silver Edition – £5

ft. A celebrity campaign wordsearch, summer hits, Disney movies v dirty movies, guess the tribute, make your own Banksy – and much more…

Popbitch Popquiz: Play-At-Home


After purchase, PayPal should automatically take you to a download page. If for any reason it doesn’t, we’ll also be regularly emailing download links to new purchasers – but if you have any issues with ordering, downloading or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email quiz@popbitch.com.